Where FSU can Hurt Bama

The old saying goes “Bama doesn’t rebuild, they reload”. After losing their entire front seven, they are forced to do just that. Star defensive ends Jonathan Allen and Tim Williams are there no longer, and the next batch of blue chip prospects will be plugged in. While the new Bama front seven will be talented, they will lack one thing: Experience. The ‘Noles may not have the most experienced offensive line next year, but they do have guys with starts under their belts. More importantly, FSU has a loaded backfield and experienced tight ends. Ryan Izzo and Mavin Saunders could potentially be huge mismatches for the new Crimson Tide linebackers. With Bama losing nearly all of their sack production to the draft, Deondre Francois should have plenty of time to throw the ball too. Bama will still have plenty of talent to choose from to replace their starters from last year, but there’s always going to be bumps in the road when you have to replace an entire front seven. Look for FSU to run the ball early and use play action to free up the tight ends on short to intermediate routes. 

Ben Brewton
Writer at Nole Gameday covering football and basketball. FSU alum. Follow me on twitter (@Ben_Brewton) and we can talk sports. On the 8th day, God created college football.

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