Francois Film Review: UNC

I’ve decided to dive deeper into Florida State QB Deondre Francois as a passer due to some of the questions surrounding his accuracy. This is the second of many Francois Film Reviews; they will be posted to and Twitter every Tuesday morning. Each will include a video of every one of Francois’s passes from that specific game.

This film review will be of the UNC game.


Game Summary:

  • 32 passes: 18 accurate, 14 inaccurate

Under pressure:

  • This will come as a surprise to most of you, as it did me, but the o-line once again put in an impressive performance.  Francois was only pressured on 6 of his 32 passes, good for 18%. This can be compared to being pressured on 37% of his passes against Ole Miss and 11% of his passes against USF. Francois only threw ‘accurate’ passes on 2 of his 6 passing attempts under pressure.  But to be fair, a couple of his inaccurate passes under pressure were still caught and were likely the best he could possibly do with the circumstances.

Even though he did not throw a touchdown, an argument could be made that this was Francois’s best game.  He threw for 372 yards with a 62.5% completion percentage.  More importantly, even though they were down big, Francois never folded.  In fact, he got better as the game went on.  He led the offense down the field with two minutes left on what would have been a game winning drive, which he capped by ducking a defender en route to a very clutch third down touchdown run.  Unfortunately, this is mostly forgotten because UNC needed only two plays to get into field goal range and stun FSU with a 54-yard game winning field goal.

Although Francois was only accurate on 56% of his throws, a lot of his inaccurate balls were still catchable, which is why he was able to throw for 372 yards despite the unattractive accuracy percentage.

Next week: Clemson.

Ryan Stalder

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