The five best uniforms in Florida State history.

Photo by Logan Stanford

Garnet and gold.

Just two colors, right?

For Florida State, the garnet and gold means a lot more than simply the shades of color on a uniform. It represents nearly 550 wins across almost 70 years of organized football. It represents 35 straight years of attending a postseason bowl game. It represents three national championships, three Heisman trophy winners and countless more being named All-Americans, both on the football field and in the classroom.

But across the landscape of college football, there is no doubt that Florida State’s symbolic garnet and gold holds some weight. In 1947, Florida State football players donned the garnet and gold for the first time, but most certainly not the last.

Throughout the storied career of the Seminoles’ football program, the garnet and gold uniforms have seen a lot of change. From 1947’s original uniforms to the re-vamped 2014 uniforms, let’s take a look at some of the best uniforms throughout Florida State’s history. These aren’t necessarily in any order, but we’ll take a vote at the end to determine which one the fans like the best.

1980’s Garnet Home Uniforms

A Florida State classic. The guy wearing it was pretty good as well.

You can’t go wrong with the classics. The garnet home uniforms in the late 1980’s were truly one of the better looking uniforms in college football in that day and age. These uniforms, absent the trim around the collar and sleeves that would be popular in the 2000s, are what your parents and grandparents think about when they think about Florida State football.

One thing that has remained constant about Florida State’s uniform throughout the history of the program is the traditional gold pants. They were first worn in the 1950s and have remained a mainstay of the uniform as time went on, even staying consistent throughout recent logo changes.

I guess you could say these were the uniforms that Florida State wore when they were in… primetime.

1960’s White Away Uniforms

Can we bring back the state of Florida logo on the helmet?

I’ll be honest with you. The main reason I love these uniforms is because of the state of Florida logo on the helmet. We see this logo all the time on Florida State merchandise and t-shirts, but it has been decades since the Seminoles have worn it in a real game.

Another interesting tidbit about this uniform is the NFL-esque garnet stripes on the sleeves. In modern iterations of Florida State’s uniforms, a stripe exists as a trim on the collar and sleeve, but never on the sleeve like in the picture above. You’ve also got to love the basic garnet numbers with no outline on them as well.

Thanks, Ron Sellers, for modeling this uniform for us.

Present Black Alternate Uniforms

You can’t go wrong with a black alternate uniform. (Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire)

We shift our focus to the present day with these black alternate uniforms. Constructed by Nike during Florida State’s re-branding before the 2014 season, these black uniforms have only been worn once, during a 2015 thrashing of FCS Chattanooga.

The reason for their place on this list? Black alternate uniforms are cool.

Not as an every-week kind of uniform, but it’s awesome when you see the team roll out in the all-black once a year. Nike did a great job of implementing the trimming on the collar and shoulders and using garnet and black throughout the kit. Don’t even get me started on the helmet, which fades from black to garnet and has a gold spear and gold helmet stickers on it. Simply awesome.

1990’s White Away Uniforms

White on gold? Clean.

Honestly, you could put any of Florida State’s recent away uniforms on this list. The white-on-gold look is basic and simple, yet unique and very stylish. It’s a look that Florida State has made their own.

Gone are the stripes on the sleeves that we saw on Ron Seller’s jersey above, but the trim on the collar and sleeves would be added in the near future. The addition of patches to the jerseys is also a nice look.

If my memory serves me correctly, these white uniforms served Florida State well in this Orange Bowl game versus Nebraska…

2000’s Garnet Home Uniforms

Can’t go wrong with a timeless classic.

Garnet and gold.

Simple, yet powerful.

These uniforms are what many of us grew up watching Florida State wear into battle. The look has been modernized over many years with the addition of trim to the collar and sleeves and the various Nike patches throughout the kit. Two national titles were won when the Seminoles wore these uniforms.

It was sad to see these uniforms go, but they will not be forgotten. At least we can still pop in NCAA14 and see current Seminoles in these timeless jerseys.

Dakota Moyer

Florida State student and writer for NoleGameday.

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  1. Evan Picariello

    July 1, 2017 at 9:04 AM

    What about the white on garnet combo from the Chris Rix days? Those were my favorite combo.

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