TITIK: Da’Shawn Hand Should be Suspended

Welcome to Things I Think I Know (TITIK), articles where I give earth shattering takes and opinions. Some will be bold, others might seem obvious. If you disagree, feel free to let me know why. Here’s the second installment: 

If you haven’t heard yet, Alabama defensive lineman Da’Shawn Hand was arrested for a DUI in Tuscaloosa on July 31st. He was found asleep behind the wheel of a parked car, with the keys in the ignition. If you go on any social media platform, you will see countless people trying to downplay a DUI. Turn on SportsCenter, and there’s not even a peep about Hand or Nick Saban’s decision not to suspend him. When former Florida State running back Dalvin Cook was falsely accused of hitting a woman, it was covered more than my hash browns at Waffle House. When De’Andre Johnson hit a woman two summers ago, the media made sure everyone knew about it.


During the 2014 season, Florida State was in the middle of 29 game win streak. Clemson was coming to Tallahassee, and campus was buzzing in preparation for ESPN College Gameday and the big game. A few days before the game, a student spotted Jameis Winston on campus with a couple other teammates. The student shouted at Winston, “Hey Jameis what are you going to do to Clemson?” Jameis then proceeded to cite a popular meme at the time, making everyone around him (mostly students) laugh. Social media got a hold of it, and students (including myself) found it funny. Within a few hours, media outlets began to get hold of the story. For some reason I still can’t comprehend, this angered the “experts” of the sporting world. Soon, “analysts” across the country continued their character assassination of Jameis Winston and Florida State. It was non-stop coverage of a 20 year old college student telling a joke to fellow college students. Should a guy of Jameis’ caliber and background have said the joke? Probably not. Should it have been a big issue after he apologized? Absolutely not. The media pressure got so intense that Jimbo Fisher had practically no choice but to suspend Jameis a day before the game. The joke then became that backup quarterback Sean Maguire, with one day to prepare, still beat Clemson. The experts still didn’t find that joke funny unfortunately.


This article wasn’t meant to be a personal attack on Da’Shawn Hand. I’m sure he is a great guy who made a mistake, which is only natural for a college student. But when you make mistakes, there are consequences. The fact remains that Hand was behind the wheel while intoxicated with the key in the ignition. I was a student on Florida State’s campus when the circus they call the media ultimately forced Jameis to miss arguably the biggest game of Florida State’s 2014 season. We are living in a world where a joke will get you suspended, but a DUI will not. Mistakes have consequences, and I hope Hand learns from this suspended or not.

Ben Brewton

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