The Pros and Cons of Not Having Football for Three Weeks

It is the beginning of week three of college football and Florida State has only played one game. There is no doubt that this season is off to a very odd start. First, the ‘Noles were playing in the “Greatest Opener of All Time” and now they wont have a home opener until Sept. 23. That is 21 days without any Florida State football to watch. This is all thanks to Hurricane Irma and all of the damage she brought with her.

What was supposed to be the home opener against ULM was moved and then cancelled. This then lead to the rescheduling of the Miami game that was moved to October 7th. The new home opener for the 2017 season will officially happen on Sept. 23 against NC State. A lot of fans are upset about having to wait so long for more FSU football, but I decided to point out the pros and cons to not having football for three weeks.


  • Not having football for three weeks will allow more time for James Blackman and other freshmen to practice and prepare.  I think everyone can agree this is the most beneficial aspect of not playing in week 2 or 3. After the loss of QB Deondre Francois, Blackman needs the practice as QB1. Having the extra time to prepare for that starting position will really help him mentally be able to take control of the games to come. He practices every day against the best defense in the country, so having the extra time before his first start will help him become more of a leader. These extra practices will also help some other freshmen players be able to prove how they can help Florida State. This may even help them earn the starting role for the first game back after the long break. Some players that would be included in that conversation might be Cam Akers, Joshua Kaindoh, and Hamsah Nasirildeen.
  • Another benefit to not having any games for a few weeks is that the team was greatly protected from it. The loss of Francois is going to be pretty significant regardless of how the season goes. But the best part about not having any new games is that there was no way for anyone else to get injured. It would not have been smart to have anyone playing a football game in the middle of a hurricane, so cancelling the ULM game was definitely the best decision. Doing anything to prevent any more injuries this season should always take precedence to anything else. This will also be beneficial for both FSU and Miami because of the practice days lost due to Hurricane Irma. Both teams were without practice for quite a few days, so having the extra week of no football games will help a lot. Florida State did return to normal practices and meetings starting this past Tuesday.
  • One thing that will benefit FSU tremendously is being able to see what everyone else is doing and prepare the team off of that. Having these extra weeks off from games will allow Coach Fisher to treat practice like it is just another week of fall camp. Except now, the players and coaches are able to watch film from teams they will play later down the road and prepare accordingly. Other than maybe Miami, this will allow them to see what is working well and not so well among other teams throughout the conference. The Noles may have only played in one game, but that game definitely showed what positions throughout the team will need the most work. Having this extra time will help Coach Fisher figure out how to fix the special teams miscues and offensive breakdowns.


  • Going from playing in one of the biggest games ever to not having a game for three weeks is going to take a toll on the mentality of the team. The Noles were off of practice for about five days due to Hurricane Irma. This could mess up their schedule of figuring out how to balance the busy season and school altogether. They will have to get back into the swing of things fast with team meetings and practices starting again this week. Along with working things out schedule wise, the team will have to get back into that “game week” mode and mentality and not let the off days overcome all of their hard work from preseason. There are less than two weeks until the game against NC State and that is going to take a lot of preparing mentally and physically for FSU.
  • Because of the cancellation of the ULM game, Florida State can only finish their regular season record at 10-1 (if they win out the rest of their games). This ultimately does not matter all that much as long as they do win the rest of their games. But if they do not, I think it could possibly hurt their playoff chances. To get into the playoffs, there is room for one or maybe two losses along the season, but there is not much room for two or more losses if you are only playing eleven games instead of twelve. It is a good thing the game was cancelled for the protection of both teams’ players, but it ultimately could hurt FSU down the road.
  • FSU has already dropped in rankings and could possibly continue to do so. The loss to Alabama was obviously going to result in a ranking drop where the Noles went from No. 3 to No. 10. But, without a game being played on week 2, FSU dropped another spot to No. 11. Whether this is fair or not, it could possibly continue to hurt the Noles ranking without the Miami game being played this weekend. FSU will have to compete hard the first few games back to catch up for the time missed and rise back up among the rankings.
  • What is possibly the worst part about not having FSU football for three weeks is not being able to watch your favorite team play. It is rough as a fan to see the other teams play in exciting games on Saturdays and not have FSU playing to look forward to. The fans and even the players and coaches feel sort of left out watching everyone else play. A Saturday without Florida State football is just boring for everyone. Thankfully after September 23rd, there won’t be a weekend without the Noles playing until December.

While not having FSU football for a few weeks will be tough for the fans and for the team, just remember that things will be back to normal soon. Classes will start again and soon enough it’ll be time for the first home game against NC State. The team has already begun practices again and there is no doubt in my mind that the team will come out ready and prepared for the game on September 23rd. This has definitely been a weird start to the season, but things can only go up from here.


Haylee Blitch
Writer at NoleGameday covering Football and Baseball. Media and Communications Studies major at Florida State University.

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