Kenyatta Watson: They really showed they care about me

Florida State continues to recruit elite talent while having one of the top recruiting classes year in and year out. A big factor in recruiting is the relationships that the prospects form with coaches. The Seminoles staff is second to none when it comes to developing connections with recruits. Another key is getting the jump on talent early.

Currently, FSU has the second highest rated 2019 class. Florida is number one, but they have 12 commitments. The `Noles only have seven right now. Three of those commits hail from the same high school.

Grayson High School in Loganville, GA is a hotbed for talent that Florida State is right in the mix for. The Seminoles already have commitments from four-star defensive back Kenyatta Watson, four-star offensive tackle Wanya Morris, and three-star defensive tackle Tru Thompson. They also are in the running for five-star linebacker Owen Pappoe, four-star linebacker Kevin Harris, four-star receiver Kenyon Jackson, and four-star running back Ronald Thompkins. Thompkins decommitted from FSU after their loss to North Carolina State last weekend.

Watson is a rangy defensive back who is just beginning to come into his own. He’s extremely quick laterally and has good ball instincts. Watson does a good job of squaring up and making tackles with solid form. He’s excited about the possibilities of where he’ll get to line up in Charles Kelly’s scheme. Watson should only rise in the recruiting rankings as he earns more playing time for Grayson.

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Check out our full interview with Watson below!

NoleGameday: You committed to FSU back in April. Can you just talk about what went into your decision to pledge to the Seminoles this early?

Kenyatta Watson: “To me it made a lot of sense to commit to Florida State. I felt like committing to Florida State would be a good move because it would keep other DBs and players from wanting to go there also. On top of that, I thought it was a great fit for me they’ve produced a lot of DBs like me before like Jalen Ramsey. The long corners and DBs in general. I thought it was a good fit for my priorities and the position I play.”

NoleGameday: What made FSU stand out from the other schools recruiting you?

Watson: “They really showed they care about me. They showed me how I’d be used in the defense. They showed me a lot of film with what Jalen Ramsey did. They’re telling me we have the same length and what positions I’d be in. They’re showing me how I’d be used on their defense.”

NoleGameday: How do you feel like the scheme Charles Kelly runs suits you as a defensive back?

Watson: “I feel like it suits me because he has coverages where he has eight DBs in the game, or seven, or six. He has a lot of coverages set to where there’s always gonna be a nickle in, or there’s always gonna be two safeties or two corners. I just liked it because it opened up the opportunity for me to play whether it’s at corner, safety, or me in the nickle.”

NoleGameday: What areas of your game have you been working on getting better at?

Watson: “Tackling and being more aggressive, using my size as an advantage. I think personally I’m a good zone player and I constantly work on that. I think that man, press, using my body against receivers and tackling are things I’m working on the most.”

NoleGameday: How much does Florida State’s 0-2 start concern you as a recruit?

Watson: “It doesn’t really much concern me. Teams can come out and they can go 0-1 or 0-2 and still end up in the playoffs, national championship or still win their conference. So that doesn’t really matter to me. What matters to me is how eventually they’re going to respond to it and how they’re to keep getting better through being 0-2.”

NoleGameday: Does it play a factor in your decision that a couple of your teammates are also interested in Florida State?

Watson: “Not really, it was always cool, the idea and thought of playing with my teammates that I’ve been playing with since I was eight years old. But it wasn’t really something that made the decision for me.”

NoleGameday: Is it important for you to have the opportunity to play with a couple of your teammates from Grayson at the next level?

Watson: “No, not really. Everybody’s gonna have different situations and everyone’s gonna have different schools to play at. Florida State might not be the fit for some of teammates obviously. That’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether I play with them or not, it doesn’t really matter.”

NoleGameday: Your teammates Tru Thompson, and Wanya Morris are currently committed to Florida State while Ronald Thompkins, Kevin Harris, Kenyon Jackson, and Owen Pappoe are all major targets for the 2019 class. What have the Seminoles done to garner all this interest from elite talent at Grayson?

Watson: “They kept us in their mind a lot and for positions, it’s been a good fit. How I should play, where I should play. For Tru and Wanya, the type of linemen they produce. Things like that.”

NoleGameday: Are there any specific players that you personally have been recruiting to Florida State?

Watson: “Not much, I’m the type of person to let everyone make their own decision. Everyone and awhile I’ll say something to one of my friends to try and get them to take a visit down there with me or something like that. But I’ve never really tried to recruit them, I know personally it can be kind of annoying when people do that so I let everyone make decisions for themselves.”

NoleGameday: What kind of relationships, if any, do you have with current guys on the team?
Watson: “I have a lot of relationships with them. I know Stanford Samuels, Asante Samuel. There’s a lot of players who are committed, and might commit, who I’m trying to develop a relationship with and talk to.”

NoleGameday: How would you describe your commitment? Are you still considering other schools or would it take something major to sway your commitment to Florida State?

Watson: “Right now I think I have a strong commitment with Florida State. I’m really focused on my high school season, I’m not really focused on the colleges. I’m just focused on my high school season and trying to get my team where they need to be.”

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