Why Jimbo Fisher Should Stay at FSU

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It has been all over social media for the past week now regarding the rumors on what Jimbo Fisher’s future plans are. There is talk about him leaving for Texas A&M and also the idea that he will simply just stay at Florida State. It has been a very confusing few days with different media outlets talking about their “sources close to the team” that apparently already know what Fisher is deciding on doing. While no one actually knows the truth, Fisher said at his press conference on Monday that “right now, I’m coaching you.” This came with a lot of other really great phrases that added even more confusion and unhelpful information to what is going on with Florida State’s coaching situation at the moment.

Florida State has one final game on Saturday against Louisiana Monroe and as far as everyone knows, Coach Fisher will be the Noles’ head coach at that game.

Whether or not he decides to leave, I have gathered a list of reasons on why Fisher is simply being nonsensical and should choose to stay at the great place we call, the Florida State University.

ACC > SEC West

In eight years as head coach, Jimbo Fisher has an overall record of 83-23 (.783%). I truly believe that Fisher has proven his success in the ACC. He has coached these teams to winning 3 ACC Championships and a 48-17 record against ACC teams. This is important because if Fisher wants to win another National Championship as a head coach, the road to winning is a lot easier through the ACC than having to play against teams like Alabama, Auburn and LSU every year. Not saying that he would not be able to, because he has also proven his success with that, I just think it would be a bigger deal if he does so at an ACC school. It also always grabs peoples attention more often when an ACC team beats a SEC school, especially the officials that make the rankings. Throughout his tenure, he has truly brought back, and maintained, championship caliber teams to Florida State. That is all the fans, boosters, and President Thrasher could ever ask for from him and by the looks of twitter, most everyone would really love it for Fisher to continue doing so and just stay at FSU.

Family First

Both of Coach Fisher’s sons live here in Tallahassee, have grown up here, and attend school here. His oldest son, Trey, is also the quarterback at North Florida Christian School in town and has found lots of success there. Although it would be easier for his youngest son, Ethan, to receive treatments for his Fanconi Anemia at a larger hospital in somewhere like Texas, it is so hard to take any young child out of the place they call home and expect them to just start all over. For the sake of his children, I believe it would be ideal to just stay in Tallahassee and at least let both of them finish out high school.

The “Forever Contract”

When the rumors first started flying around about the possibility of Fisher leaving FSU, the President of Florida State, John Thrasher, said in an interview that “Jimbo Fisher is here forever.” It is obvious how well liked Fisher is at the school, among the fanbase, and in the Tallahassee community. But, if anyone is going to be the deciding factor on if Fisher will stay or leave, it would be Thrasher. Over this past summer, there was another rumor being spread about Coach Fisher potentially leaving for LSU. But, Thrasher and the rest of the athletic directors decided to listen to what Fisher wanted and gave it to him in order for him to stay. Those hoping that Coach Fisher will stay at FSU should also be hoping that Thrasher and the AD’s are willing to once again listen to Fisher’s needs and deliver on whatever it is that he thinks will help his team.

It’s your move, Jimbo.

It is no secret that Jimbo Fisher has been unsatisfied with the facilities, coaching staff salaries, and many other things in the past. But, what might be different this time is that President Thrasher, the AD’s, and even the boosters may not be willing to hand over those things that Fisher wants for his team. I truly believe that if Florida State wants to keep Jimbo Fisher as their head coach, they need to start making the plans for these new facilities and allocate more money so that he can create his idea of the perfect coaching staff. The best idea would be to give him what he wants, so they can also get the championships they also want in return.

Florida State would be crazy to let Fisher go, and honestly he would be too if he decides to leave. Coach Fisher took over the job from one of the most legendary coaches in football history, Bobby Bowden, and has done quite an impressive job these past eight seasons. With such a great coach like Fisher, it would be extremely hard to replace him with someone of equal caliber. Especially after all of the coaching carousel drama these past few weeks.

Florida State has only ever had nine head football coaches, so it will be interesting to see what it would be like in the process of having to find a new head coach. Because of the traditions set in place at FSU, it would be so much more sensible to just keep Coach Fisher as the head coach. Maybe even forever like Thrasher said. Florida State has been and will continue to be one of the most prestigious programs in the country, and not having to switch head coaches every few years will preserve that forever. While we are all still unaware of what is actually going to happen, we should be finding out within the next few weeks. For now, Florida State will be playing in their final regular season game, and their last chance at making a bowl game, this Saturday, Dec. 2nd, against ULM.

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