TITIK: It Doesn’t Have to be Like This


Welcome to Things I Think I Know (TITIK), articles where I give earth shattering takes and opinions. Some will be bold, others might seem obvious. If you disagree, feel free to let me know why. Otherwise, enjoy:

We were excited when you got announced as the new head coach of Florida State. We bought into your vision, and embraced the changes you were passionate about making. We knew that there would be growing pains. Even in tough losses, like the Oklahoma game, we saw hope. We trusted you with a program that had been so close to greatness and you came through. We watched you deliver the national championship trophy to Tallahassee after years of craving a return to elite. We danced to the Warchant while on a 27 game win streak. We watched you take Florida State to 5 straight New Year’s six bowls. We saw you handle unfathomable adversity and odds that most head coaches couldn’t deal with. We trusted in the rebuilding process after Jameis Winston left campus. We salivated over your usage of Dalvin Cook, the greatest running back we’ve ever seen wear garnet and gold. We knew there would need to be a rebuilding year or two when he left. We knew Alabama would be a tough game. And we didn’t quit supporting the team.

But you did. We would have forgave you had you shown the loyalty you so often preach. We understand that your starting quarterback went down in week one, and you had to start a true freshman. We trusted that you would make the appropriate changes, and we trusted that you could get the program back on track. We had heard rumors of you leaving us before this year. We were overjoyed that you decided to stay, and we put our faith in to you.

But Jimbo, we understand if you need to move on. We know this is the worst year you’ve had, and you are forgiven. We would gladly let you redeem yourself, but understand if that ship has sailed. We will forever have you cemented as a part of the Florida State legacy. We get that Texas A&M offers you more money and an opportunity for better treatment for your son. And we wish you nothing but the best.

If this is the end, let us know. We are only angry because you have made this a far more difficult situation than it needs to be. We understand that this is strictly business, and a good move for you and your family. But you became a part of our family. And in every family, difficult decisions must be made. You’re ripping apart a program that you built with your bare hands. We have shown nothing but loyalty through these times. Is it too much to ask for you to do the same? If you’re leaving, tell the fans. They deserve to know, and will send you off with the best of wishes. Because if you are indeed moving on, Florida State football needs to move on too. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Ben Brewton
Writer at Nole Gameday covering football and basketball. FSU alum. Follow me on twitter (@Ben_Brewton) and we can talk sports. On the 8th day, God created college football.

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