RaiQuan Gray: We’re going to be one of the best teams in the ACC

RaiQuan Gray is a four-star forward out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. He played at Dillard High School and finished his high school career by winning a state championship.

Gray committed to FSU on August 8, 2016. With Jonathan Isaac, Jarquez Smith, and Michael Ojo all moving on or graduating, he will immediately be vying for playing time amongst the front court.

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NoleGameday: Multiple recruiting networks rank as you as a four star and one of the best players in the state of Florida as well as the country. What went into your decision to sign with Florida State?

RaiQuan Gray: “Just the relationship I have, that I built with coach CY and just the whole coaching staff. Coach Hamilton, he treated me like one of his sons. I knew Jon, Bacon, and CJ. CJ is like an older brother to me, so it’s like really a family feel. I just felt real comfortable there.”

NoleGameday: Who was the runner-up in your recruitment?

Gray: “It came down to Baylor and FSU.”

NoleGameday: How did to feel to end your high school career on a high note and winning a state championship in your final game?

Gray: “It felt great, I expected us to go back and win it because we returned some players. It felt great knowing it was my last game and last time playing with some of those guys. It felt great going out and winning the state championship.”

NoleGameday: After a four year drought from the tournament, FSU finally broke through and finished 26-9. How excited are you to join this team?

Gray: “I’m very excited. I think we should be back, a lot of people will doubt us, but I think we should be back in the tournament. One of the best teams in the ACC, if not the best team in the ACC. I’m really excited to prove a lot of people wrong and get out there with my teammates.”

NoleGameday: With Jonathan Isaac moving on and Jarquez Smith graduating, you’ll have an opportunity to receive playing time early in your career. Do you feel like you’re ready for the next level?

Gray: “Most definitely, I’m really comfortable with my game, I feel like I can play with anyone really. I just have to get my body in shape this summer and it’ll be a real tough time to guard me out there and I’ll be playing a lot of minutes I think. Once I get my body right, I think I can play with anybody.”

NoleGameday: Analysts have compared your game to Draymond Green, saying you can do a bit of everything. What do you consider your best skill?

Gray: “A lot of people see my ballhandling and passing, I just grew up passing the ball and dribbling. I was always shorter, I didn’t grow until high school. It was like playing another game as my height came along. A lot of people also say my shooting and a lot of different things.”

NoleGamday: What kinds of things are you working on refining before you get to Florida State?

Gray: “Becoming a better and more consistent shooter. I know I can shoot but I want to do it at a high level and high rate. And really just getting in shape so I can play and perform at the highest level all game long. Just really trying to my body and shooting ready.”

NoleGameday: What will you be studying at FSU?

Gray: “I’m majoring in communications, minor in business.”

NoleGameday: Do you have any goals or things you want to achieve during your freshman season?

Gray: “I just want to make the NCAA Tournament, CJ just told me how good it felt to make it his first year and the experience. It’s like a once in a lifetime experience. Winning a lot of games, winning the ACC Championship, winning the league and really just getting into the NCAA Tournament and hopefully the national championship. I just want to win a lot of games, nothing personal.”

NoleGameday: Do you model your game or borrow moves from any other players?

Gray: “I watch a lot of Carmelo Anthony, that’s my favorite player, so I watch him a lot. And Draymond Green too.”

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