Analyzing the New Staff: Donte’ Pimpleton

Donte' Pimpleton/ Twitter: @coach_pimp

Out with the old and in with the new. Coach Taggart’s fully assembled coaching staff only has one mainstay compared to Jimbo Fisher’s staff, which happens to be Odell Haggins. With that being the case, Noles fans have nine new assistant coaches to get to know next season, and we are beginning a new weekly series to offer you the first look at each.

The first coach we will be introducing in this weekly series is Donte’ Pimpleton, otherwise known as Coach Pimp. Former college teammates at Western Kentucky University, Coach Taggart has brought Coach Pimp along with him to all four of his head coaching stops in his career. Coach Pimp’s first major college football job was when he led the wide receiver group with the Hilltoppers. After coaching wideouts for a year, he transitioned into coaching running backs once he followed Taggart to USF and Oregon.

Donte Pimpleton’ hails from Louisville, Kentucky, also the place where he began his coaching career. From 2002 through 2008, Pimpleton coached at local high schools as a position coach and eventually moved up to an offensive coordinator. During the years of 2009-2011 Pimpleton served as an offensive quality control assistant for Louisville and Western Kentucky before eventually receiving a promotion to Wide Receivers coach in 2012 for the Hilltoppers.

One thing for Florida State fans to get excited about are the incredible numbers that Coach Pimp’s running backs have produced. Marlon Mack and Royce Freeman are two impressive running backs that have been coached up by Pimpleton. Mack and Freeman both go down among the greatest running backs at their respective schools. Mack averaged 6.7 yards a carry and racked up 24 touchdowns in the two years Pimpleton coached him. ‘Rolls’ Royce Freeman tallied impressive numbers as well with an average of 6 yards a carry and 14 touchdowns respectively.

Coach Pimp is known for becoming quite close with his running backs and has been heralded by his players as being quite relatable as a coach. Pimpleton has been known to invite his running backs over to have cookouts and to watch sporting events on the television to obtain a closer relationship with his players. He’s also known for having an active presence on Twitter, which is something that Seminole fans are still getting used to. The stable of running backs that Pimpleton is inheriting is arguably the deepest group in the nation. He has even gone to social media to express his excitement about the group.

Running backs at Florida State have a storied history with legends: Warrick Dunn, Devonta Freeman, Greg Allen, and Dalvin Cook. With the arrival of Donte’ Pimpleton, we can expect the likes of Cam Akers, Jacques Patrick, Khalan Laborn, Amir Rasul, and Zaquandre White to flourish under his coaching. Look out for massive numbers in the run game during Pimpleton’s tenure of coaching running backs at Florida State.

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