Dontae Lucas: “I felt like it was home.”

Willie Taggart and the Seminoles have massive momentum on the recruiting trail. The new head coach and his retooled staff landed six commitments over the last week, including four at the spring game.

Four-star offensive guard Dontae Lucas was one of those pledges. He currently plays at IMG Academy and is originally from Miami. The 6-foot-3, 323-pound prospect has been leaning towards FSU ever since the hire of Telly Lockette. Lockette and Lucas have developed a very close relationship.

Lucas is already putting in the work for Florida State on the recruiting trail. Many fans and media members alike are beginning to compare the four-star prospect’s efforts to what Amari Gainer did during the 2018 recruiting cycle. Gainer talked up the `Noles and was constantly in recruits ears to put FSU on their minds. Lucas is in the same vein and he’s already surrounded by a massive amount of talent at IMG Academy.

The Miami native is excited for the opportunity to play early at FSU and develop under Greg Frey. His goal is to go three and out so that he can provide for his family. Lucas comes from a rougher part of Miami and has had some of his friends lose their lives.

The talented offensive lineman expects Tribe19 to be nasty. He also said that all of the current commits are planning to get together and lay out a plan for this class. Lucas is rated as the No. 146 overall prospect and No. 8 offensive guard in the class of 2019 by the 247 Sports Composite rankings.

Check out our full interview with Lucas below. It sounds like Tribe19 has found their bell cow.

NoleGameday: FSU has been among your favorites for awhile now. Why did you decide to commit at the spring game?

Dontae Lucas: “I felt like it was home. Not too many linemen and Telly Lockette, he’s like my uncle. It was just time for me to commit.”

NoleGameday: Did you and your teammate Jaleel McRae plan to commit at the same time or did it just happen?

Lucas: “Yeah, we planned to commit at the same time. He didn’t have the offer when he first came up and he was hoping to get the offer. I told him he was gonna get the offer. He was like if we get the offer we are gonna commit. I told him I wasn’t gonna commit but in the back of my head, I already knew I was gonna commit.”

NoleGameday: You were able to see Tallahassee for the first time on your junior day. Was that when you first started feeling that FSU was the place for you?

Lucas: “Nah I knew as soon as they hired Telly Lockette that I was already locked in and loaded with FSU.”

NoleGameday: Who was the most influential Coach in your recruitment?

Lucas: “Lockett and coach Frey, basically the whole coaching staff. Telly Lockette because he made sure my brother my was straight, when my dad died he was there for us, and he’s just like another father figure. When I call we don’t even talk about football. We talk about life like a man. That’s the coach I should want to play for. Every other coach that calls you talks about football. He talks about life overall.

NoleGameday: Being a Miami native, what went into your decision to choose the Hurricanes rival?

Lucas: “Honestly, being in Miami, where I come from, I didn’t see myself going to Miami just because of that. I have a few close friends that died down there. I just feel like me being around the environment down there where I’m from, I feel like I could be the next. I always feel like I can’t stay in Miami because I don’t want to be the next one to be killed.”

NoleGameday: How much did the atmosphere and family feel around the program affect your decision?

Lucas: “It felt like home. Everybody knew I committed so when I was walking out it felt like home because everybody was letting me know. Just things that make feel real good about myself. I love it.”

NoleGameday: Have you had a chance to sell Florida State to any other recruits?

Lucas: “I’ve been talking to a lot of recruits right now. Matter of fact, give a shout out to Nay’Quan Wright. Tell him I need him to be a Nole. I need Nay’Quan Wright to be a Nole. Tell everybody to tweet it out. If you’re making this an interview make sure you tell Nay’Quan I need him.”

NoleGameday: Can you talk about coach Frey and how you feel he’ll develop you as a player and person?

Lucas: “He’s one of the most energetic coaches I’ve ever talked to. I feel like me and him are gonna do great things together. He’s another guy I can just talk to about life, him and Telly Lockette, I can talk to them about life. He’s developed me into a great lineman, there’s a couple of things I need to work, well a lot of things I need to work on. He knows everything I need to work on so I feel like he’ll develop me into a great lineman.”

NoleGameday: What have you been working on this offseason prior to the start of your senior season?

Lucas: “Right now I’m working on getting lower and faster on my feet. And my hand placement when I punch. Sometimes when I punch I rely on my strength but it isn’t always gonna be like that in college so I’m working on that.”

NoleGameday: How important is it to you to play as a true freshman?

Lucas: “That’s important because I got to do three years and out. That’s the goal, that’s the plan. I can’t do four years. I’m tired of seeing my mom struggle so I gotta do three years and out. Gotta get that money.”

NoleGameday: Amari Gainer was considered the bell cow of last years class. Do you think you’ll play that role for Tribe19?

Lucas: “Yeah, I feel like I’m gonna be the guy. It’s amazing that I’m in that category.”

NoleGameday: In your prediction, how good did you think this class will end up?

Lucas: “Oh, we got some dogs. Oh my god. This class is too live. We got Akeem Dent, Jaleel, Quashon. All them boys is just too live. I feel like we gonna come together as a whole, real soon. We gonna come together as a whole and come up with a plan. Going in FSU off the rip and showing them boys what Tribe19 is about. Any other school, all them boys, that not compared to us. We some dogs.”

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