Florida State in NCAA Football ’18

NCAA Football '14

It’s a sad time of the year.

This week is normally the time when EA Sports would release the new version of the NCAA Football video game series. A fan favorite, hundreds of thousands of people would line up at midnight to get newest installment of the college football version of Madden. It’s a game that provided a much-needed shot of football in the dead of the offseason and helped to pave way for the real-life season to come.

Unfortunately, NCAA Football is no more.

As we all know, legal issues have prevented a newer version of the game to be released. The last installment of the series, NCAA Football 14, is nearly four years old at this point and only exists on the “last generation” PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

However, there is still life in the series. The fine folks over at Operation Sports have kept the game alive as long as possible, constantly providing roster updates and new ideas for dynasty gameplay. For almost four years now, the community has provided the most accurate rosters to users, allowing for a continued experience despite EA Sports officially cutting ties.

The community at Operation Sports is currently working on a roster update for the 2017-18 season, but us here at NoleGameday know that Florida State fans are impatient. That being said, we’ve created a roster for the 2017-18 Seminoles that you can use right away.

Can’t wait for Cam Akers to get his first carry? Anxiously waiting for Derwin James to make his return to the field? Just plug this roster into your console and play right now with Florida State.

Here’s a rundown of the roster and what you can expect when you start up the game.

Writer’s note: NCAA14 imposes a strict 69-scholarship limit, which is different from the real life 85-scholarship limit. As such, some players had to be ‘cut’ in order for the roster to be trimmed down to 69. If a scholarship player is missing, this is the reason why.


  1. 12 Deondre Francois, redshirt sophomore, 89 OVR
  2. 16 J.J. Cosentino, redshirt junior, 76 OVR
  3. 10 Bailey Hockman, freshman, 75 OVR
  4. 1 James Blackman, freshman, 74 OVR

There’s no question that Deondre Francois is one of the best ten or so quarterbacks in the nation heading into next season. With 90 Throw Power, you can spray the ball all over the field. His 80 Throw Accuracy means you’ll have to be careful with some of the intermediate stuff, but 84 Speed is more than enough to run some of the fun read-option stuff in Florida State’s playbook.

Half Backs

  1. 9 Jacques Patrick, junior, 84 OVR
  2. 3 Cam Akers, freshman, 84 OVR
  3. 4 Khalan Laborn, freshman, 81 OVR
  4. 22 Amir Rasul, sophomore, 80 OVR
  5. 7 Ryan Green, redshirt senior, 79 OVR
  6. 27 Zaquandre White, freshman, 79 OVR
  7. (Fullback) 35 Gabe Nabers, sophomore, 75 OVR

Between Jacques Patrick and Cam Akers, Florida State fans have a virtual thunder-and-lightning combo to roll with. Patrick has more bulk and power, but Aker’s 93 Speed and 80 Elusiveness will help carve up defenses with long runs. Oh, and don’t forget about his 86 Juke Move to break some ankles.

QB Deondre Francois, RB Cam Akers and RB Jacques Patrick

Wide Receivers

  1. 8 Nyqwan Murray, junior, 87 OVR
  2. 18 Auden Tate, junior, 87 OVR
  3. 11 George Campbell, redshirt sophomore, 83 OVR
  4. 89 Keith Gavin, sophomore, 83 OVR
  5. 5 Da’Vante Phillips, junior, 79 OVR
  6. 25 D.J. Matthews, freshman, 75 OVR

Florida State fans will have some freedom here with creating their ideal depth chart due to similar rankings. But Auden Tate should be a big part of anyone’s offense. At 6-5, Tate has 90 Catching and 80 Spectacular Catch to snag the ball from any situation. He’s not the fastest in the world, but 93 Acceleration means he can get to his top speed quickly.

*With #29 taken by Nate Andrews, I had to put Matthews with #25 for now. The folks at Operation Sports use a computer editor to give multiple players the same number, which I do not have access to. Apologies.

WR Auden Tate and WR Nyqwan Murray

Tight Ends

  1. 81 Ryan Izzo, redshirt junior, 87 OVR
  2. 88 Mavin Saunders, redshirt junior, 82 OVR
  3. 6 Tre’ McKitty, freshman, 76 OVR
  4. 80 Alexander Marshall, freshman, 74 OVR

Mavin Saunders will be a big part of Florida State’s red zone attack, but Ryan Izzo is quickly becoming a staple at tight end. His 79 Catching is serviceable, but Izzo is a true monster in the run game. With 88 Run Blocking and 83 Strength, he will be paving lots of holes for Akers and Patrick in the ground attack.

Left Tackle

  1. 79 Josh Ball, redshirt freshman, 79 OVR
  2. 73 Jauan Williams, redshirt freshman, 73 OVR

Left Guard

  1. 70 Cole Minshew, redshirt sophomore, 84 OVR
  2. 52 David Robbins, redshirt sophomore, 77 OVR


  1. 54 Alec Eberle, redshirt junior, 80 OVR
  2. 51 Baveon Johnson, redshirt freshman, 80 OVR
  3. 60 Andrew Boselli, redshirt freshman, 76 OVR

Right Guard

  1. 69 Landon Dickerson, sophomore, 86 OVR
  2. 65 Mike Arnold, redshirt freshman, 76 OVR

Right Tackle

  1. 76 Rick Leonard, senior, 84 OVR
  2. 71 Brock Ruble, redshirt junior, 80 OVR
  3. 74 Derrick Kelly, redshirt junior, 79 OVR

The battle at center will fascinate a lot of people, but Landon Dickerson is the true warrior along the offensive line and will be a centerpiece for your ground game. His 92 Strength and 86 Run Blocking means he can move aside defensive tackles like paperweights, and 84 Pass Blocking will be serviceable for now as he protects Francois.

TE Ryan Izzo, LT Josh Ball and C Baveon Johnson

Left Ends

  1. 13 Joshua Kaindoh, freshman, 84 OVR
  2. 84 Jalen Wilkerson, redshirt sophomore, 83 OVR
  3. 11 Janarius Robinson, 83 OVR

Right Ends

  1. 9 Josh Sweat, junior, 92 OVR
  2. 99 Brian Burns, sophomore, 89 OVR
  3. 98 Tre Lawson, freshman, 71 OVR

Joshua Kaindoh, Brian Burns and Jalen Wilkerson will be fun pieces to play with along the defensive line. However, Josh Sweat should be a consistent piece no matter the situation. With 94 Speed and 97 Finesse Move, he can beat offensive tackles around the edge to wrap up either quarterbacks or running backs with 87 Tackling.

Defensive Tackles

  1. 91 Derrick Nnadi, senior, 94 OVR
  2. 90 Demarcus Christmas, redshirt junior, 88 OVR
  3. 94 Walvenski Aime, junior, 85 OVR
  4. 55 Fred Jones, redshirt junior, 84 OVR
  5. 21 Marvin Wilson, freshman, 84 OVR
  6. 49 Cedric Wood, redshirt freshman, 80 OVR
  7. 93 Ja’len Parks, freshman, 77 OVR

There’s no doubt that Derrick Nnadi is a monster in the interior of the defensive line. With 96 Strength, virtually no offensive lineman can stand toe-to-toe with him in a battle of muscles. That, along with 86 Tackling and 86 Block Shedding, make him a force to be reckoned with.

RE Josh Sweat, DT Derrick Nnadi, DT Demarcus Christmas and LE Joshua Kaindoh

Left Outside Linebacker

  1. 16 Jacob Pugh, senior, 88 OVR
  2. 51 Josh Brown, sophomore, 78 OVR

Middle Linebacker

  1. 18 Ro’Derrick Hoskins, redshirt senior, 85 OVR
  2. 5 Dontavious Jackson, sophomore, 84 OVR
  3. 22 Adonis Thomas, redshirt sophomore, 79 OVR
  4. 35 Leonard Warner, freshman, 77 OVR

Right Outside Linebacker

  1. 6 Matthew Thomas, redshirt senior, 89 OVR
  2. 56 Emmett Rice, sophomore, 80 OVR

Back for his last year of eligibility, Matthew Thomas has a chance to be a game-changer from the outside linebacker position. His 97 Acceleration means he can cover a lot of ground in a hurry and 85 Pursuit helps him be a sideline-to-sideline linebacker. Years of experience attribute to 91 Awareness, helping him sniff out screen plays and making tackles for loss.

ROLB Matthew Thomas, MLB Ro’Derrick Hoskins and LOLB Jacob Pugh


  1. 4 Tarvarus McFadden, junior, 95 OVR
  2. 37 Kyle Meyers, sophomore, 84 OVR
  3. 1 Levonta Taylor, sophomore, 83 OVR
  4. 15 Carlos Becker III, sophomore, 80 OVR
  5. 8 Stanford Samuels III, freshman, 80 OVR
  6. 27 Ontaria Wilson, freshman, 69 OVR

The amount of talent at cornerback is insane. It all starts with Tarvarus McFadden, who returns for his junior campaign. At 6-2, he is the definition of a lockdown cornerback with 98 Man Coverage and 98 Zone Coverage. Oh, and 98 Press means that he can always get a jam on the receiver at the line of scrimmage. Expect him to take away a lot of No. 1 receivers you go up against.

CB Kyle Meyers, CB Tarvarus McFadden and CB Levonta Taylor

Free Safeties

  1. 3 Derwin James, redshirt sophomore, 99 OVR
  2. 29 Nate Andrews, redshirt senior, 83 OVR
  3. 19 A.J. Westbrook, junior, 79 OVR
  4. 14 Cyrus Fagan, freshman, 77 OVR

Strong Safeties

  1. 20 Trey Marshall, senior, 89 OVR
  2. 7 Ermon Lane, senior, 82 OVR
  3. 23 Hamsah Nasirildeen, freshman, 77 OVR

Simply unfair. How could Derwin James be anything besides 99 OVR? He is the definition of a cheat code with 97 Speed. Good luck throwing against that. In the run game, James is simply dominant with 94 Hit Power and 97 Pursuit. Make sure to blitz him often on third down. The results are awesome.

FS Derwin James and SS Trey Marshall

Special Teams

  • K: 23 Ricky Aguayo, sophomore, 80 OVR
  • P: 21 Logan Tyler, sophomore, 80 OVR

The special teams unit is young but will grow over time. Logan Tyler has impressive 88 Kick Power and 74 Kick Accuracy. Try him on some fake punts with 78 Acceleration as well. As for kick and punt return, try some different players out there. I liked using George Campbell at kick return with his speed and Derwin James at punt returner.

K Ricky Aguayo and KR George Campbell

The PlayStation username for this roster file is Ferrothorn. Unfortunately, we do not have an Xbox file for this, but will work to make one if enough people express interest.

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