Florida State’s Uniform Future

Florida State’s fan base is usually thrilled to hear about the team wearing alternate uniforms in games. It adds a bit more excitement for upcoming matchups and gets fans into the stands to check out the unique threads the players are wearing. It also can help attract recruits to the program. Oregon’s work in that area checks out accurately with plenty of blue-chip recruits publicly stating their attraction to the innovative Nike uniforms.

Willie Taggart coached in Eugene at Oregon for one year and agreed to let the team rock different uniform combinations but not every week. Earlier this past fall, starting running back Jacques Patrick mentioned the use of alternate uniforms being used in Tallahassee with coach Taggart. “Coach said if uniforms are going to help us go out there and put points on the board, we’re going to wear them.” The Seminoles have plenty of uniform combinations on hand. Like a lot.

Below are 23 great uniform concepts created by Sean Gilman.

The traditional uniform combo is always going to be one of the biggest favorites not only across the Florida State fan base but also across the college football world.

The traditional away uniform combo.

Hello, blackout uniform combo. These are loved highly by the players and fan base. These are beautiful but most definitely need to be used during a night game with the field lights shining down on them.

Traditional uniform? Nope. Check out the helmet. I’m not a huge fan of this concept but who knows, it might look great in person.

Okay, now we’re talking. The all-white uniform combo with the blackout helmets is simply dazzling.

We’ve got the white tops and gold bottoms here with the blackout helmet. These could be secretly attractive if worn on a sunny day with white Nike cleats.

Okay, so I’ve always loved the white tops with the garnet bottoms uniform combo. Does it go with the blackout helmet? That’s up to you but I’d pay to see this combo on a Saturday.

Now it’s starting to heat up. The all garnet uniform with the blackout helmet is straight. The FSU fan base is a big supporter of the all garnet combo and I think they’d be spoiled with the blackout helmet included.

This combo is pretty interesting. We’ve got the traditional helmet, garnet top, and then white bottom. I’m slightly attracted to it. Wearing this combo on a night game I think is your best bet.

Here’s your all garnet uniform combo. Interim head coach Odell Haggins let the team wear these in their bowl game against Southern Miss last season.

Right here we’ve got the gold on garnet on black combo. Not entirely my favorite but these would rock great with garnet Nike cleats.

Give me this any day of the week. I’m contemplating if the traditional helmet rocks better than the blackout helmet in this all black combo? These would be unfair to wear these at night.

Whoa there, what is that? We’ve got gold tops on block bottoms with the blackout helmet. I’d like to see these with white socks and white jersey numbers.

Give me it now. This combo is a beaut. The stack of gold on top of black with gold rocking at the bottom makes you smile a little bit.

Are you tired of seeing different concepts? No, you’re not, so let’s keep going. Right here we’ve got the traditional helmets with black jerseys and garnet bottoms. I can’t lie these grew onto me. These have a chance to special.

Shut up and take my money. The blackout helmet on top of the old jersey and garnet bottoms is straight clean. Like milk is supposed to go with a piece of cake. It’s just supposed to be together.

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to the white helmet concept and I have a good feeling you’re going to like this. In this concept, it is set on top of a white jersey and gold pants. It’s sharp and blends.

White goes great with either garnet or gold but I think garnet takes the win here. If I had to take on Ronda Rousey in a UFC match in order to see these to be worn in Doak, I’d have to do it. (R.I.P to me)

Traditional helmet with the white jersey and garnet bottoms? It looks great. Wouldn’t a dark visor here inside the helmet look sexy?

Got enough gold? Gold helmet on top of the gold jersey is smooth. I actually think the garnet pants rock with it too.

The white helmet goes with the gold great here. You’ve got the white helmet on top of the gold jersey with white bottoms. You have to wear white socks and white Nike cleats with this set.

One word: Beautiful. Probably my favorite uniform concept in this piece. It’s sleek and clean. These would be great to be worn during a game that is being played on turf. You don’t want these turning into a full green kit by the 2nd quarter.

All gold everything. I’ll be honest with you. I’m curious about this one but not entirely sold on it. The traditional helmet goes great with it though.

It will be interesting to see if Willie Taggart will feel comfortable letting Florida State’s team wear these different type of uniforms. After 23 concepts, which one do you like the most? Thanks again to Sean Gilman for giving us the access to use these graphics.



  1. James Booth

    February 8, 2018 at 9:12 PM

    Stay with the garnet & goal

  2. Terrance L Murray

    February 9, 2018 at 12:28 PM

    Love them all

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