Francois Film Review: Ole Miss

I’ve decided to dive deeper into Florida State QB Deondre Francois as a passer due to some of the questions surrounding his accuracy.  This will be the first of many Francois Film Reviews; they will be posted to nolegameday.com and Twitter every Tuesday morning. Each will include a video of every one of Francois’s passes from that specific game.

Our first film review will be of the Ole Miss game (the first game of the season), and we will continue each week in chronological order.

Game Summary:

  • 52 passes: 32 accurate, 17 inaccurate, 2 throw aways

Under pressure:

  • Whether it was because of his inability to get the ball out quickly or his offensive line’s pass protection woes, or both, Francois was under pressure a whopping 19 times against Ole Miss. However, he handled it pretty well, throwing 10 accurate balls, 7 inaccurate balls, and 2 throw aways.  More importantly, Francois did not throw one interceptable ball the entire game. Not bad for a red-shirt freshman in his first game as a starter.

Ultimately, Francois threw 64% of his passes accurately (not counting the two balls he intentionally threw out of bounds). This is a pretty solid percentage when you consider he that was under pressure on 37% of his pass attempts (not including sacks, just pass attempts) and that he took a ridiculous amount of hits in this game.  I believe this was one of Francois’s best games, as he was on target seemingly every time he was able to release the ball in rhythm, with only a few outliers.  As his footwork improves and timing improves, I believe his accuracy will as well.

Next week: USF.

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