FSU Weekly Uniform Tracker

It’s a new era at Florida State and that means change. One noticeable difference fans can expect in the Willie Taggart era is a bevy of uniform combinations.

Following the best spring semester in the classroom since 2000 and an exponential increase in offseason workout participation, Taggart chose to reward the team in several ways. One way was instituting a uniform council consisted of players who will pick which colors the ‘Noles will wear each Saturday.

Our players should have a say in something.”, Taggart noted during his opening week press conference. Not to worry though, if things begin to get out of control, the head man is ready to step in if needed.

“Ultimately I have final say. Can’t be crazy,” Taggart said. “We only have so many colors we can use.”

Taggart understands fans who have some reservations, but ultimately, he reminds us that this is for the team.

“It’s not for everyone to like,” Taggart said. “But our players will like it.”

Week 1 versus Virginia Tech. First time in 2018:


Garnet helmets, black tops, black bottoms.

Week 2 versus Samford. First time in 2018:

Traditional home uniforms.

Gold helmets, garnet tops, gold bottoms.

Week 3 at Syracuse: First time in 2018.

Traditional away uniforms. Gold helmet, white jersey, gold pants.

Week 4 versus NIU: Second time in 2018?

Week 5 at Louisville: 

Road alternates. Garnet helmet, white jersey, garnet pants.

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