FSU WR Kermit Whitfield clocked at under 4.24 in combine prep

There’s quick, there’s fast and then there’s Kermit Whitfield.

The Florida State slot receiver and kick return specialist has his eyes set on the combine, and for good reason.  Today, Adidas announced that if any athlete at the NFL Combine breaks Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record of 4.24 seconds, the company will buy them an island.  Whitfield has always been known for his sprinting ability, mostly because he ran a famed 10.15 second 100m dash his senior year of high school, a state of Florida record.

After speaking with Whitfield, NoleGameday.com has learned that he has already clocked a 4.23-second 40-yard dash in his mock combine.  He also added that he knows he’s faster than that.

When asked what he would do with an island if he were to break the record, Whitfield said that he would make it an adventurous island and he would look to add things that people like to do.  When asked about a possible name for the island, Kermit quickly responded “Kermito’s Island.”

With Kermit leaving Florida State, there will be a new ‘fastest player on the team’ for the first time since 2013.  In Kermit’s opinion, the fastest player returning for the ‘Noles is “between George Campbell and Amir Rasul.”  The junior wideout and sophomore running back certainly have big shoes to fill.

Whitfield is training with the ASPI Performance Compound in Tampa, specifically working with trainers Reidel Anthony and Yo Murphy.  At the combine, Kermit’s goal is “to run under a 4.24.” But he also added that “anything in the 4.2 range is a blessing.”  The speedster is due to participate in the 2017 NFL Combine in Indianapolis March 1st-March 4th, running the 40-yard dash on Saturday the 4th.

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