FSU’s Running Backs Will Be the Secret to Success

With the win on Saturday over the Duke Blue Devils things are definitely starting to look up for Florida State. FSU defeated Duke by a score of 17-10 and scoring the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter was freshman running back Cam Akers. The Noles are now 2-3 and getting ready to take on Louisville at home this Saturday.

The game this past Saturday showcased just how much talent there is among the FSU running backs. The Noles had 228 total rushing yards compared to the 197 total passing yards. From what we have seen in the past few games, running the ball is going to be the most efficient way to score. While James Blackman has been playing extremely well for a true freshman quarterback, it looks as if Coach Fisher wants to play it more safe and keep from turning the ball over in any way from passing. Luckily, players like Jacques Patrick and Cam Akers have consistently shown just how much of a threat they can be to other teams. These two have the talent and ability to become a great dynamic duo for the Noles’ offense.

Cam Akers’ game winning touchdown came from an impressive 42-yard run in the fourth quarter to give FSU the lead. Akers ended the game with 15 carries for 115 yards. Jacques Patrick also shined at Duke with 18 carries for 98 yards. It was nice to finally see what Cam Akers is capable of, and a lot of fans are anxiously waiting to see what else he can do. Akers is the kind of player ready and able to make those big explosive plays in every game. It seems like the first few games they were keeping him a bit more reserved and allowing Patrick to play more. Whether that be because of seniority or skill, I think a lot of people are ready to see what else can be done from Akers. Patrick had many strong plays against Duke and his size is definitely a key reason as to why he has been so successful for Florida State. His ability to break through defenses is what helps him earn those long runs throughout the games. What the dynamic duo of Akers and Patrick will be able to do against a tough team like Louisville this weekend is one of the main questions that will just have to wait until Saturday to be answered.

The Louisville Cardinals have lost the past two weekends back to back and Florida State is looking to make it three in a row. Louisville has had their struggles this season against top teams in the ACC. But what was most surprising to everyone was their loss to Boston College last weekend. The fact that Louisville’s defense allowed 364 rushing yards from Boston College was probably the craziest stat line from the weekend.

Of those 364 yards, Louisville allowed, 272 came from only one BC running back. The weekend before was a loss to NC State, where Louisville allowed the Wolfpack to 153 total rushing yards. Which this is not nearly as bad as 364, but because this keeps happening, there is definitely a chance both Akers and Patrick are able to rush 100+ yards each this Saturday against the Cardinals.

If the Florida State defense can hold off the Louisville offense led by reigning Heisman winner Lamar Jackson, then I think the Noles will have a strong chance of winning on Saturday. The offense will just have to find ways for Akers and Patrick to make those explosive plays and take over in the redzone. Florida State should take full advantage of their strong running backs, and make as many scoring opportunities for them as possible. I believe that if the Noles can take advantage of the fact that Louisville has allowed so many rushing yards in just their past two games, Florida State could have a successful night and even earn their first win at home this season. While this season has been pretty questionable so far for FSU, with how things are going for Louisville as well we should be able to see Akers and Patrick really take control of this game and ultimately help the Noles earn the win against such a tough team.

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