Greg Reid Interview

Even though Greg Reid’s illustrious college career as a Seminole came to an unfortunate end, he is still loved in the hearts of each and every Florida State fan.  Nole Gameday had the opportunity to sit down with Greg earlier this week, and discuss his time as a ‘Nole and his life after college football.  But before we get into that, let us brag a little bit on Greg’s behalf about his time as a Seminole.

In 2009, as a freshman, Reid stormed onto the scene by playing in all thirteen games, intercepting two passes, and leading the NCAA in punt return average.  In 2010, Reid’s best statistical season, he added three more interceptions and seventeen passes defended, solidifying himself as a legitimate starter in a very talented secondary.  In what would be his final season as only a junior, he added to his legacy by intercepting two more passes.  Reid also had 3 punt returns for touchdowns in his career at Florida State.After being released from Florida State prior to his senior season, Reid transferred to Valdosta State where he ran into an extremely unfortunate circumstance.  Reid tore his ACL less than two weeks after transferring.  Then once he rehabbed and was preparing himself for the NFL, he was informed that his ACL injury had not been surgically repaired properly, and that he would need another surgery.  After nursing his knee back to health, Reid still managed to sign with the St. Louis Rams in 2014, but was unable to make the 53 man roster.  Reid is currently playing in the Arena Football League on the Jacksonville Sharks.




What was your favorite memory from your playing days at FSU?

“The warchant.”

How special was it to play one of your best games at Florida State in front of your dad against South Carolina?

“It was very special.  To be in that moment and beat an SEC team, it was very special.  It’s probably going to stay with me for the rest of my life, especially the game I had, it was very special.”

Did your dad have anything to say about the hit you laid against Marcus Lattimore?

“He didn’t say too much, he was just proud.”

What is the ultimate goal of your playing career as you move forward?

“My main goal is to get back to the NFL and play against some of the best talent in the world, but my goal for right now is just to focus and win this Arena Bowl, and just accomplishing it one step at a time. I know at 24 years old, that my moment is going to come. It’s definitely to get there and win a super bowl because I missed a national championship, so I have to get a super bowl.”

What was the most humbling moment of your playing career?

“Getting released from Florida State. I’m not going to lie that affected my whole life. That and having my son. He is three. That was maybe a month or two after I was released from FSU, so it all just hit me at once.”

What is your favorite part of playing Arena Football League?

“I know that about 85% of the time the ball is coming to my guy because I play safety and I have to guard the player in motion. I have to use my technique. I know the ball is coming so it’s just him versus me.”

Do you have any plans for life after football?

“I think what God wants me to do is teach my story to a lot of kids, and inspire a lot of kids, and even adults. I don’t know if that leads to coaching or whatever. Right now I’m leaning towards coaching and leaning towards the youth.”

Do you have any predictions for this year’s Florida State football team?

“A national championship, of course. I’m not going to settle for anything less.”

Do you think Jalen Ramsey is the best defensive back in all of college football?

“Yes, he’s the best defensive back in the world right now. Straight up, he’s the best defensive back in the world right now. His height, his long arms, his feet, athleticism, you can’t ask for anything more.”

Do you have any predictions on Jameis Winston’s rookie year in the NFL?

“I think Tampa is coming around. I think he’ll lead Tampa to the playoffs.”

Who is your closest friend from your playing days at FSU?

“Telvin Smith. I keep in touch with a lot of guys, but Telvin is on a day-to-day basis.”

Do you have a favorite coach from your playing days at Florida State?

“It would have to be Jimbo. I loved all my coaches, actually. I loved the whole coaching staff. Even when I was a freshman with Mickey Andrews then Stoops.”


After spending time conversing with Greg, it is apparent that his drive and work ethic will lead him to achieve his goals.  Jimbo Fisher often joked that Reid would practice 24 hours a day if he could.  Some argue that Reid would already have made it back to the NFL if it wasn’t for his two ACL surgeries.  Regardless, as an athletic, playmaking defensive back, the 24-year-old will get plenty of opportunities to fulfill his dreams.

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