Ikechukwu Obiagu: I know I have a chance to play right away

Florida State signed the fifth member of the 2017 Class on April 12, 2017. Ikechukwu ‘Ikey’ Obiagu is one of the best centers in the country. The Greenforest McCalep Christian Academy product is rated as a four-star recruit and the number 61 overall prospect in the nation according to the 247 Composite rankings.

He was recently selected to play at the Nike Hoops Summit for the World team. Obiagu finished with three rebounds and two blocks during the exhibition. He also got a chance to hang around FSU targets, Kevin Knox Jr. and MJ Walker.

Obiagu decided to sign with Florida State after wreaking havoc on defense at the high school level. He averaged 8.4 points, 9.5 rebounds and 7.2 blocks over 28 games while leading his team to a state championship.

Ikey will likely vie with rising junior Christ Koumadje for the starting center role. Koumadje is a good shot blocker, while Obiagu projects to be one. It will likely come down to who can produce the most consistently on offense, so that should be an interesting battle during preseason camp.

Check out my interview with Ikechukwu below!

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NoleGameday: You’re rated as a four-star recruit and as one of the best centers in the nation. What went into your decision to sign with Florida State?

Ikechukwu Obiagu: “It’s not far from home. Coach Hamilton has been recruiting me since my freshman year, I’ve been to their campus the most of all schools so I’m comfortable with the environment. I know I have a chance to play right away. They develop and utilize their bigs.”

NoleGameday: You committed in Late November and just recently signed your letter of intent. Did you talk to any of the other signees or players at FSU before making your commitment?

Obiagu: “Yeah I talk to basically the whole returning team and the signees. Literally everyone.”

NoleGameday: Who was the runner-up in your recruitment?

Obiagu: “Baylor.”

NoleGameday: With Michael Ojo and Jarquez Smith graduating, you’re in line for early playing time. Do you feel like you’re ready for the challenges the college game will bring?

Obiagu: “No, but I’m confident I will be because I’m working on it.”

NoleGameday: You averaged 7.2 blocks per game during your senior season of high school. Can you just talk about what makes you such a great shot blocker?

Obiagu: “Haha, l I absolutely have no idea. I’ll say because I wasn’t so good offensively so I strived defensively to stay on the floor and hence I became a good shot blocker.”

NoleGameday: You got to play at the Nike Hoops Summit earlier this month, what was that like?

Obiagu: “It was a good experience. I got to make new friends and play against/with the best players of my age.”

NoleGameDay: FSU is going after two guys you played with at the Nike Hoops Summit, MJ Walker and Kevin Knox Jr. What are your thoughts on them?

Obiagu: “I hope they will come. I’ve been trying to recruit them for a while now.”

NoleGameday: What kinds of things are you working on refining before you get to Florida State?

Obiagu: “A lot. All around offense.”

NoleGameday: What will you be studying at FSU?

Obiagu: “Business Management.”

NoleGameday: Do you have any goals or things you want to achieve during your freshman season?

Obiagu: “Win a championship.”

NoleGameday: Lastly, I’m sure you’ve had some people that aren’t sure how to pronounce your name. How’s it pronounced?

Obiagu: “Ee-K-chu-ku  O-bee-ah-gu”

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