Know your ‘Noles: Tribe 16 highlights

Out with the old, in with the new. Get to know the new faces of Florida State with every commits’ highlights on this page.

1. Levonta Taylor, CB

2. Baveon Johnson, Center

3. Malik Henry, QB

4. Janarius Robinson, DE

5. Keith Gavin, WR

6. Naseir Upshur, TE

7. Cedric Wood, DT

8. Josh Ball, OT

9. Josh Brown, OLB

10. Keion Joyner, OLB

11. Amir Rasul, RB

12. Kyle Meyers, CB

13. Emmett Rice, ILB

14. Walvenski Aime, DT

15. Mike Arnold, OL

16. Andrew Boselli, OL

17. Logan Tyler, Punter

18. Ricky Aguayo, Kicker

19. Gabe Nabers, FB

20. Landon Dickerson, OL

21. Brian Burns, DE

22. Shavar Manuel, DT

23. Dontavious Jackson, ILB

24. Carlos Becker, CB

25. Jauan Williams, OT

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