Lane Kiffin gives strong endorsement of Kendal Briles

Florida State’s new offensive coordinator Kendal Briles is widely regarded as one of the best young offensive minds in all of college football. He has had a top 15 offense when it comes to yards per play each of his last three stops.

One of those stops includes the 2017 season at FAU under head coach Lane Kiffin. Briles’ offense racked up an impressive 6.7 yards per play. The Owls would go on to win a school-record 11 games behind one of the most prolific offenses in the country.

Owls Head Coach Lane Kiffin recently commented on Briles and the possibility of him winding up at either Tennessee or Florida State.

“Brilliant,” Kiffin told WNML in Knoxville during a radio interview last week when asked about Kendal Briles and his offensive prowess.

“He did an unbelievable job wherever he’s been. At Baylor, they broke every record there is. Then he came here and in one year set every record in the conference. Then he went back over to Houston, where he actually went to school and did it again.”

“I don’t know that anybody can say they’ve done it in that many places in that few years at that high of a level.”

Kiffin was quick to note that Briles has been doing more with less talent his entire career.

“He’s proven that over those years at Baylor,” he said. “They were never getting five-star recruits until later on, maybe they were, but initially there were getting two-star players and stuff and would go move on the ball every year. They’d go play an Ole Miss out of conference or something and still light it (scoreboard) up.”

When asked specifically about Florida State and Tennessee, Kiffin felt confident in Briles’ ability at either school.

“He’d be a great fit for anybody. Like I’ve said to the people involved in this, if you want to score a lot of points Saturday and win games, he’s a really good fit. I think that’s the object.”

Considering the uptick in talent Briles will have in Tallahassee compared to his previous stops, Kiffin’s words should certainly excite the Seminole faithful.



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