Monday Mailbag: Clemson blowout, OL, James Blackman, Basketball

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Going into its biggest game of the season, Florida State had arguably its most disappointing performance of 2018. It was ugly, to say the least. The Seminoles didn’t create an explosive play on offense until the fourth quarter when this game was well out of reach.

The defense was much better. After a first quarter where FSU kept Clemson out of the end zone, the Tigers scored four times in the second quarter. After 24 more points in the third, Clemson suddenly led 52-3.

It reminded me of the Louisville game in 2016, though the beating the Tigers gave the ‘Noles was arguably worse, especially considering where the slaughter happened. We saw history on Saturday, just not the kind you want to see. Clemson gave Florida State its largest home loss in school history, ironic since we were on the opposite end of that history in 2013.

Let’s hop into this weeks Monday Mailbag.

How’s Phil Cofer’s injury & when might he be able to return for FSU Hoops? – @Colleen_ham1

The extent of FSU’s top-returning scorer’s injury hasn’t been released. However, Stadium basketball analyst Jeff Goodman clarified a timeline of six weeks last week. I did spot Cofer wearing a cast on his right foot during the Seminoles exhibition game against UWF.

With how thin they are at forward, this team needs him back as soon as possible.

Why isn’t Rasul getting more playing time? Hits the hole faster and harder than Akers! – Eric Whiddon

Amir Rasul has dealt with some injury issues and he was limited at practice leading up to the Clemson game with a knee injury. This staff might just not be confident in him because of injuries or something else.

Cam Akers is a good running back but I do agree he’s had some issues with this scheme. Though, the offensive line is worse than it was a year ago. With as bad as they are, it makes everyone else look a lot worse.

What can be done to get the offensive linemen who are already on the roster up to speed? Can the ones who are coming back next year all be salvaged? – @BuzzKillBennie

I think the problem is they already are up to speed, they just aren’t very good. There are a few offensive linemen on this roster who have potential, namely Landon Dickerson, Cole Minshew, and Brady Scott. But there are some freshmen who haven’t got their shot yet.

It’s possible that Florida State could have some OL transfer, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s at the wishes of the coaching staff. Jauan Williams and Abdul Bello would be two possible transfers to watch.

Are we ready for the youth movement? Are the media and the so-called fans gonna complain about that also? – @cognac09

I definitely think it’s getting to the point where some young guys should see more playing time. Asante Samuel and AJ Lytton are already seeing considerably more time in the defensive backfield since the Miami game and that should be the case for a few players.

Keyshawn Helton made his plea with FSU’s only touchdown of the game against Clemson. Both he and Tre’Shaun Harrison should regularly be rotating, if not starting, with the receivers.

Can Blackman lead the Noles to a dub if Francois can’t play? – @dakotal25]

Honestly, it feels like James Blackman time after FSU’s beating on Saturday. Deondre Francois has struggled with the reads in this new offense all season and despite that, he’s still been pretty solid. However, I think the loss to Clemson is the boiling point.

The offense was ineffective for the entire time Francois was in. Normally I wouldn’t agree with a quarterback switch, but it almost feels needed right now. What’s the worst that could happen?

Give 88 the ball!!! He’s the best athlete on the field! Crazy how we’re not using our athletes like expected. – Damion La’Flare

Though not a question, I completely agree with this sentiment. Harrison has already made some exceptional plays and I think he’s a better option than guys like Nyqwan Murray and Keith Gavin right now.

He’s not a quitter either.

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