Monday Mailbag: Deondre Francois, James Blackman, coaching staff, basketball

Well, a lot has certainly happened since our last Monday Mailbag. Florida State senior quarterback Deondre Francois was dismissed from the team yesterday, just days away from National Signing Day. I don’t want to get too much into the situation that led to his dismissal because I’m sure everyone knows what happened at this point.

Regardless, the Seminoles are moving forward with two scholarship quarterbacks in James Blackman and Jordan Travis. That makes it even more imperative for the coaching staff to land a signal-caller during NSD or later on through the Transfer Portal. FSU Basketball is also finding its footing again after three straight conference wins and we’ll get into that.

Let’s reach into the mailbag and see what ‘Nole Nation is asking about today.

Do you think that Blackman will receive the same ridiculous smear campaign that Francois received if the need arises to justify pushing him out later? This is disgusting watching the attempts to demonize Francois. – Elprofe Trol

First off, I don’t think Deondre Francois received a smear campaign at all. He’s been investigated for domestic violence in the past and the video said the rest. That’s not a smear campaign, it’s proving that he’s not the type of player Florida State needs to represent its program. James Blackman has been the exact opposite.

He’s been a great teammate despite not getting a fair shot at the starting job and never has had any off the field problems besides watching too much film. Who would you rather have lead your program?

Is James Blackman going to be named the starter or is it an open competition? – Patrick Meleady

I think it’s more than likely Blackman ends up winning the starting job. Jordan Travis probably won’t be immediately eligible and the only other quarterbacks available in the spring are walk-ons. Blackman will have a lot of reps in Kendal Briles’ system by the summer when hopefully a 2019 signee or grad-transfer arrive on campus.

Essentially, something would have to go very wrong for Blackman not to be the starting quarterback next season.

Do your expectations change for the 2019 football season now since we have a new signal caller? – Thomas Jones

Not really, I thought Blackman would end up being the starter to begin with. I’m still sticking with FSU winning eight or nine games.

Any chance we get a transfer QB now? – @RusJ_5

The odds are definitely a little higher. Maybe Kelly Bryant changes his mind after Mizzou’s bowl ban. There aren’t a lot of options out there but Florida State certainly has a favorable quarterback situation for any potential transfers.

What time is John Plumlee making his decision? – Joshua Thompson

Plumlee said he’d likely know his decision by Monday evening but he didn’t give a timeline to announce it. He really could do it anytime between now and National Signing Day.

What’s the hold up on finishing up the coaching staff? – @Bak3rBoy4

Personally, I think the hold up is with Randy Clements buyout at Houston. The Cougars don’t want to release him from his contract without the payment and FSU is still negotiating how much that will be.

I believe that Willie Taggart will likely have his staff finalized after National Signing Day and prior to spring practice.

Why such weak attendance at FSU basketball games? We’re a top-25 team but the seats look empty on TV every game. – Charles Curtis

The main reason is that a lot of boosters don’t attend the ‘lower tier’ games. They mostly only show up against the Dukes, North Carolinas, and Virginias.

Something that has been proposed in the past is to move the student sections to the sidelines so they’ll actually be filled with screaming fans instead of empty seats. I think that’d be a great solution and it’d make the environment even more hostile in the Tucker Center.

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