Monday Mailbag: Kendal Briles, transfers, and coaching changes

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Well, well, well. It seems like we have a lot to talk about this week ‘Noles fans. Florida State officially hired Kendal Briles as its new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. There’s been a lot of mixed results of the hire so far.

Some fans are excited, while plenty of others are grumbling about the potential off the field drama this hire could bring to Tallahassee. First off, I just want to say that FSU wouldn’t have hired Briles if they found anything potentially malicious while they were vetting him for the position. They haven’t addressed their methods yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear about it during the next press conference.

Also, with the nature of a hire like this, Briles will likely have some kind of stipulation in his contract that protects Florida State. If anything ever comes to the surface from his time at Baylor, the ‘Noles will be able to move on from him pretty quickly. This is just a guess from me, but I’m assuming the deal will have some sort of clause like this.

With that being said, bringing Briles into the fold is big for Willie Taggart. He’s an expert at the type of offense that Taggart wants to run and he’s found success despite not having elite caliber players. With those kinds of tools at his disposal in Tallahassee, things could get pretty fun with Briles running the show.

Let’s hop into the final mailbag before Christmas. I just want to say that I hope everyone taking their time to read this has a happy holidays and a Merry Christmas. Take advantage of this time with your families and remember to cherish every moment.

Are Willie Taggart and Kendal Briles skipping Christmas with family to go spend it with the families of Darnell Wright and Jadon Haselwood? If so, they should show up like Santa bringing a big ole bag of presents. – Elprofe Trol

Hey, you never know where Mr. Clause is gonna show up first when he’s delivering presents to all the good children across the world….

Are any other coaches or GA’s coming with Briles? Clements OL coach in particular? – Maurice Dalton

What other coaching changes to the staff? – Sheldon Walker

What other staff changes can we expect? – Ben Baker

Who will take over as special teams coach? @Mossberg223

Alright, I’m gonna kill a few birds with one stone. First off, as of now it’s being reported that Randy Clements is unlikely to come to Florida State with Briles. That could change, but that’s currently what’s expected. Briles is reportedly going to bring two off-field coaches with him to Tallahassee but as of now, they are unknown.

As far as other coaching changes, Greg Frey will likely stay in his current role if Clements doesn’t follow Briles to FSU. Other than that, there is only one glaring area where the ‘Noles need to make a change. Special teams. It’d benefit the program to bring in a coach who can help with the defensive backs while also controlling the special teams. A perfect fit? Terrell Buckley.

Florida State could make a change at wide receiver if David Kelly wants to move the GM role in this program. Other than that, most of these coaches will look better with talent that actually fits their schemes.

What differences and new things do you think Briles will bring to the offense? – William Heinrich Jr

Briles is a young and surprisingly innovative offensive mind. He’s had success at every stop despite not having the caliber of players that he will at Florida State. One of the things that really impresses me about him is the balance his offenses have and the use of his personal.

The Seminoles new offensive coordinator is excellent at putting players in the right positions to produce. I have no doubt he’ll be doing that soon in Tallahassee.

What transfer quarterbacks do you think we will get? – @WaldripJared

I think there are only three real options for Florida State. Jordan Travis from Lousivlle, Casey Thompson from Texas, and Justin Fields from Georgia.

Travis and FSU have already had contact. They are currently working on a waiver to make him immediately eligible if he does decide to become a ‘Nole. He’ll have four years to play.

Thompson just recently put his name in the transfer portal and it’s unknown if the Seminoles would have any interest in him. The four-star quarterback was offered by both Taggart and Briles during his high school recruitment.

The Fields interest is basically all speculation right now. The main key to landing him would be to bring Fields to Tallahassee on a visit to meet the coaching staff. Briles would need to show Fields how he’d be utilized in the offense and sell him on the type of quarterback he could be developed into.

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