Monday Mailbag: `Noles struggles, Taggart’s buyout, Syracuse, offensive line

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Florida State struggled against Samford just five days after its loss to Virginia Tech. While some of the poor play might be attributed to a shorter period of practice and rest prior to matching up with the Bulldogs, it’s hard to ignore the plethora of issues this team has exhibited over two games of football.

The offense has struggled to find any consistency. The defense played well against the Hokies but struggled in the passing game, outside of forcing turnovers, against Samford. And the special teams? Dreadful.

With that being said, we’ve got ourselves a pretty hefty mailbag today. Let’s get to work.

Do you see Willie using more formations that have two tight ends to help our obviously weak o-line soon? – Brian Chevalier

When will our offensive linemen learn how to block?- Elprofe Trol

Will the O-line depth chart change again this week to find a better rotation? – @teabagUF

Everyone can see what’s happening on offense. The five guys up front have struggled to consistently block the opposition and that’s leading to a lot of the problems. Running lanes aren’t consistently open and even elite backs can’t shake off eight defenders on every single play. Pass protection is better than the run blocking, but not by much.

The problem is, you can’t change much on the offensive line during the season. At this point, they are what they are, an extremely mediocre group. It doesn’t help that Landon Dickerson and Cole Minshew have both been banged up as they’re arguably FSU’s top-two linemen.

Brady Scott showed potential during the fourth quarter against Samford. The group of Scott, Derrick Kelly, Alec Eberle, Minshew, and Dickerson may be an improvement over the current one but we won’t see that group together for at least a month after Dickerson’s injury.

How important is it to recruit better O linemen and who do we need to get? – Jovany Diaz

It’s the most important need in this class. FSU might need to focus less on other positions to try and oversign at offensive line. The Seminoles currently have two offensive linemen committed in four-stars Dontae Lucas and Charles Cross.

Taggart and his staff are also in pursuit of more talented linemen to join them. Florida State is firmly in the mix for the services of five-stars Evan Neal and Kardell Thomas as well as four-stars Will Putnam and Deyavie Hammond. It would be huge if the `Noles could land three of the four in this group.

Am I the only one afraid that Syracuse might beat our Noles? – Todd Marshall

No, it’s a very real possibility after the way they’ve performed through two games. Syracuse has scored 117 points during the first two weeks of the season. This defense is going to have its hands full again.

Luckily for the offense, the Orange have a terrible defense. This is the game where they need to find their rhythm as a unit.

If Florida State’s defensive unit can limit Syracuse’s success on offense, this might end up being the perfect first road game for the `Noles.

Do you think Blackman should get his shot? – @TWILL_23

I don’t think it’s fair to toss Deondre Francois to the bench after two games. He played well against Virginia Tech during the first half and then forced some throws as the game got out of hand. I thought he was pretty good against Samford as well, completing 31 of 46 passes for 320 yards and three scores.

James Blackman has done well as a leader on the sideline but he’d get pummeled behind that offensive line as well, heck, so would Jameis Winston.

The quarterback isn’t the problem right now in Taggart’s offense. It’s the guys up front.

Can we give Logan a shot at kicking FGs? – Chris Hewett

It wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to Florida State’s kicking game right now. Tyler has the stronger leg and was rated as the No. 4 overall kicker by the 247 composite rankings back in 2016.

Ricky Aguayo has opened the 2018 season just 1/4 on field goals.

Can you make the backpack go away forever? – Matthew Joel

Can we call it the Turnover Mailbag? – Josh Thurman

Can we burn those black uniforms? Can we throw that backpack on top of the heap? – Bo Barfield

If Florida State forces three turnovers in a road win against Syracuse next week will you still complain about a backpack?

Is Taggart going to quit using shotgun on EVERY SINGLE play? – @drU_S_A1987

No, because that’s what the gulf coast offense does.

Do you see Taggart excepting the painful truth this job is to much for him and resigning this week? – Leigh Wills

I’m going to need you to resign from grammar after this question.

How’s the search for the next head coach going? – Jeremy Wester

I’ll let you know in a few years.

How much to buy out Willie’s contract? – Jim Hudson

More than you can afford.

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