Monday Mailbag: Randy Clements, recruiting, and changes

With the offseason in full swing, we welcome in the final Monday Mailbag of 2018. Though the football season didn’t go as anyone expected, we’re hoping 2019 brings greener pastures to Florida State football, hopefully in the form of Kendal Briles.

Speaking of the new offensive coordinator, the likelihood of Houston offensive line coach Randy Clements following Briles to Tallahassee has increased following Major Applewhite’s dismissal. We’re also tracking the status of Cougars quarterback D’Eriq King, who could transfer in the wake of the coaching changes. King was excellent in Briles offense as a junior, helping Houston field one of the most prolific offenses in the country.

Elsewhere, the Seminoles are trying to secure the rest of their class before National Signing Day in February. With 14 players already signed, FSU needs to lock down the five other players they have committed while adding a few more to the fold. They’ll hold a big recruiting weekend late in January where the ‘Noles hope to reel in the final members of Tribe19.

Let’s reach into the mailbag and see what’s cooking. Happy New Year, Seminoles fans.

Is Randy Clements coming to FSU? – @DerekVance18

Personally, it’s starting to feel like Clements will follow Briles to Florida State. This is purely a gut feeling at this point and not from any chatter I’ve heard yet.

I always say, follow the tweets. In this case, Clements a recently followed a host of FSU accounts. While it’s obviously no guarantee, it’s starting to look more likely that the two will reconvene in Tallahassee.

Depending on how the rest of the staff shakes out, the move could mean the end of GreG Frey as the Seminoles offensive line coach.

What are your expectations for next season with Kendal Briles previous success? – Thomas Breadman

With his pedigree of improving offenses and doing it quickly, I expect much of the same for Florida State.

In Briles’ first year as offensive coordinator at Baylor, FAU, and Houston, his units have averaged the sixth best offense in the nation when it comes to yards-per-play. Those same offenses together ranked an average of 41st nationally the year before he arrived.

Basically, I think Florida State will at least finish in the top half of the rankings for total offense. That’d be a big improvement from 2018.

What does the addition of Briles mean for the RBs? Can we expect more production or will this become a pass-happy offense? – thegreatcaesar1@gmail.com 

Based on how he’s called games in the past, Briles seems to do well with balancing his offenses. He knows how to go with what’s working but has no problem splitting it up depending on what’s happening in the game.

I don’t think we’ll see Florida State abandon the run, especially with expected improvement along the offensive line. Briles’ offense at FAU averaged 285.3 yards on the ground per game and in 2018, Houston averaged 217.1 yards on the ground.

How long before Briles bolts for HC and does WT call plays when he does? – @briguyisone

Honestly, if Briles’ does revitalize FSU’s offense in an offseason, I can see him getting a deal as a head coach. The longest I can see him staying in Tallahassee is three years and that’s really only if the off the field issues are still affecting him.

After 2018, I think Willie Taggart understands he’s better as a CEO/Manager type of coach rather than a play caller. He’ll be further influenced to gravitate toward this role if Briles leads the Seminoles offense to success.

Do you think that Willie and Kendal are putting the full court press on Darnell Wright and Jadon Haselwood? Do you think that they should? Do you see any flaws in those two recruits that would bring cause for concern? – Elprofe Trol

I don’t think that FSU has much of a shot with either of them. Wright seems like he’s set on Tennessee and Haselwood feels like Oklahoma to me.

I do think the Seminoles had a chance with Haselwood earlier in the season. But the lack of success and relationship with Briles is what hurts them here.

As for Wright, the only way to get back into his recruitment is to get him on campus.

It appears that Akeem Dent may be wavering on his commitment to the ‘Noles, what is your take? – Jack Mahaffey

Is Akeem Dent still coming to FSU? – Ben Baker

While the alarms have sounded recently in Akeem Dent’s recruitment, I personally feel there’s nothing to worry about.

Dent has said already at UA practices that he might not even end up taking any more visits and he came out on day two doing the chop.

With his brother happy at Florida State and the other relationships he has in Tallahassee, I would put Dent as 85% in this class right now.

With Richt out at Miami, are there any flip candidates from their class we should keep an eye on going forward? – Dominic Percia

The departure won’t help Tribe19, but there are some younger prospects who FSU is in the running for. With Mark Richt retiring, it could help the Seminoles surge in some of their recruitments.

Taggart and his staff are working hard on four-star receiver Leonard Manuel, four-star defensive end Samuel Anaele, and others that Miami is after. The big fish in the 2021 class is five-star safety James Williams, a current Miami commit. However, we all know what most of the Hurricanes commits end up doing.

Obviously, more prospects will emerge as the two rivals continue to battle each other for recruits year after year.




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  1. David McCarthy

    January 2, 2019 at 3:55 PM

    With Richt gone, could this mean that Duggans will be interested in coming home to FSU?

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