Quashon Fuller: “That was my dream school.”

Willie Taggart and Florida State have been moving quickly on the recruiting trail. Three-star DB Travis Jay pledged to the Seminoles back on March 13. Since then, we’ve seen five more prospects join Tribe19 and one to Tribe20.

But FSU still has 10 commitments. So where did the other four come from? Akeem Dent, Tru Thompson, Mike Morris, and Quashon Fuller all committed to the `Noles under the previous coaching regime.

All four players have been back to Tallahassee since Taggart took over and they’ve reaffirmed their commitments to this staff. However, things are getting slightly murky for Morris and Fuller. FSU has been on the hunt for elite defensive linemen and they’re making ground with Kayvon Thibodeaux and Khris Bogle, among others.

That has led us to a lot of questions and not many answers. Fuller spoke with NoleGameday to address a few of the uncertainties in his recruitment. If all goes well, he still plans to be a Seminole.

The four-star defensive end has been committed to FSU since February 2016 and he had an extremely close relationship with coach Lawing. He’s hoping that he’ll be able to develop that type of relationship again with Mark Snyder.

Fuller has also still been recruiting heavily for the `Noles. One of the main prospects he’s targeted is four-star OL Evan Neal, one of his friends who attends IMG Academy.

The Fort Myers native is rated as the No. 267 overall prospect and the No. 20 SDE in the country by the 247 Sports composite rankings. He projects to be a physical, pass-rusher at the collegiate level. Fuller is coming off a labrum tear that limited him during his junior season but he says he’s back healthy.

Check out our full interview with one of the first members of Tribe19 below.

NoleGameday: You’ve been committed to FSU for over a year. What led you to commit so early in your recruiting process?

Quashon Fuller: “I had committed because that was my dream school. And I had committed to the old staff, it was coach Lawing, I had so much faith in him to put me in the league. And it just felt like family up there.”

NoleGameday: Was there any wavering of your pledge when the Seminoles changed from Jimbo Fisher to Willie Taggart, considering you committed under Fisher?

Fuller: “I’m not gonna say waver, I’m just gonna say I’m still committed and I’m feeling it out right now.”

NoleGameday: What changes have you noticed in the shift from Fisher to Taggart?

Fuller: “Yeah, there’s been a lot of changes. People came to Florida State and they get more excited. They play music more than anything now. The decorating has been changed. Everything is just different you know.”

NoleGameday: Who was the most influential Coach in your recruitment?

Fuller: “I wouldn’t say new but coach Haggins.”

NoleGameday: There have been some rumors that you’re unhappy with the amount of time this staff has spent recruiting you. There was also that Instagram post. Can you address your current status as an FSU commit?

Fuller: “Right now I’m just gonna say that my Florida State commitment is still there. Nothing has changed. I talked to Taggart earlier and he just cleared everything up.”

NoleGameday: You recently won a fan-voted contest to appear on the cover of Friday Night Football magazine. What went into that process and how happy did it make you to see NoleNation come out and help you win?

Fuller: “It actually meant a lot to me. That’s why I was really glad to see that. A lot of people can just come together and help a player. Help a player that’s actually gonna be on the team out. And I never thought it was actually gonna happen as soon as I thought it was. I actually posted this video and it has 14 something thousand views right now. And all these people had voted, it was crazy I had my people on Facebook telling me they voted multiple times. I actually shot up to the top really fast.”

NoleGameday: How do you feel about new defensive ends coach Mark Snyder?

Fuller: “Right before I got on the phone with you I was just talking to him. I just feel like the more that I go up there, I gotta basically start it over. I just feel like I gotta ask myself the same questions that coach Lawing asked when he was in the office. And if it’s all answered right and I feel like I can make it to the next level here, and we can make it to the national championship here, you’re gonna see my name on that paper.”

NoleGameday: Can you describe your game for some of the fans who haven’t got a chance to watch your film?

Fuller: “I’m aggressive and I love making sacks. I love going to get the ball. I’m actually gonna start working on chasing people down, making tackles on the other side of the ball, and building up my motor so I can keep helping out my team.”

NoleGameday: What have you been working on this offseason prior to the start of your senior season?

Fuller: “I had a labrum surgery and I’ve done a lot of stretches on it. Now my labrum feels better than ever. Now I’m just working out and stuff just trying to get better and get in shape. So there should be no excuses while my senior year isn’t a good senior year.”

NoleGameday: Have you been recruiting any prospects to Florida State?

Fuller: “Yes, I have. One of my friends, Evan Neal, an offensive lineman out of IMG. Me and him was just talking this morning. He’s a Florida State fan, but with the old staff he didn’t feel that love with coach Trickett. With this new staff he’s gonna start it again, go up there, see if he likes the new coach. If he does like him, I’m just gonna say, you’re gonna see something happen.”

NoleGameday: How good do you think Tribe19 can be?

Fuller: “I just feel like Tribe19 is gonna be a special one. If it stays at number one, Tribe19 is gonna get a ring before they leave. It’s actually gonna be pretty interesting to see where Tribe 19 ends. How many players they get, what rankings they have because this is Florida State.”


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