Scrimmage Preview: What to Watch for on Offense

As coach Taggart and his staff look to remodel the style of the offense, fans should begin to see a few glimpses of the end product at the first spring scrimmage on Saturday. Here are a couple things to look for:

1. Adjusting to Tempo – The big talk of the spring has been the overall tempo change that has been installed at FSU. Taggart, through his Gulf Coast Offense, looks to increase the number of plays per game, by increasing the speed in which the offense gets lined up and ready to go. Look to see glimpses of this tempo change, obviously not in full effect, throughout the scrimmage, as Taggart looks to build off these appearances and produce it to a finished product.

2. Distribution of Carries – One of the team’s biggest strengths this season is the depth at the running back position. However, there is no clear indication of who will receive the bulk of the carries, other than maybe Cam Akers, at this point. Look to see the front-runners in the race for carries to emerge in this scrimmage. Whether it be Khalan Laborn, Jacques Patrick, Amir Rasul, or Zaquandre White, all of these backs were once considered blue chip prospects coming out of high school. Ultimately, this will give us a good glance at how the distribution of carries will shape out during the season.

3. Offensive Line Consistency – A general theme for the past couple years, come fall, is the inconsistency of offensive line play at FSU. With the complete reshaping of the offensive scheme, look for the offensive line to be more consistent in their play, as they don’t nearly have as much responsibility as they once did under the pro-style scheme. Their blocks must be much quicker and much more explosive, but in return, they don’t need to hold these blocks for a long period of time. No one is expecting them to master this new scheme in the first scrimmage, but we should see some brief moments of perfection throughout the day.

4. Top Targets at Wide Receiver – A big issue with FSU’s current roster is the lack of depth at the wide receiver position. Although they landed 5 new scholarship receivers in the 2018 recruiting class, those players will not arrive on campus until the summer. Adding insult to injury, Nyqwan “Noonie” Murray injured his meniscus during the first spring practice and he will be missing the rest of the spring. That leaves FSU with three scholarship receivers. However, Taggart and his staff decided to move former DB Ontaria Wilson and former RB Deonte Sheffield to the WR position to fill the gaping necessity of depth at the position. Look for some of these receivers to start separating themselves from the pack as the top targets at their position. Pay attention to the play of  Tamorrion Terry, DJ Mathews, as well as Keith Gavin to step up into this role.


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