Three Things I Did Not Expect To See Against Miami

  • 1. Florida State’s o-line dominating Miami’s defensive line
    • After a horrific performance against Wake Forest, I was not confident in Florida State’s offensive line, especially not against a front like Miami. However, this was by far their best game of the season, as they opened up holes for the run game all day and gave Blackman a ton of time to throw from a clean pocket.
  • 2. Cam Akers breaking out
    • Let’s be clear, I expected Cam Akers to break out. I just didn’t expect to see it in this game against a defense like Miami. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the great offensive line play. Regardless, Cam Akers looked like a star. He showed power (shown below), elusiveness, and speed. He is the best player on Florida State’s offense going forward.
  • 3. Braxton Berrios abusing Kyle Meyers
    • Braxton Berrios is a senior slot receiver who had never really shown a shade of dominance in his career. In fact as a junior, he had just 12 catches in 11 games. That, combined with Kyle Meyers’ spectacular performance against Wake Forest, where he had an interception and a forced fumble while covering Wake Forest’s best receiver (Greg Dortch), left me extremely surprised when Berrios had his way with Meyers on Saturday. Berrios finished the game with 8 catches for 90 yards and 2 of Miami’s 3 touchdowns.

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