Verdis Brown: The coaching staff just made me feel good

Florida State has already allowed seven sacks in two games this season. The Seminoles gave up three sacks against Alabama before allowing North Carolina State to bring down James Blackman four more times. It’s clear that this team needs a lot of help in the trenches.

With that said, FSU wants to sign four to five offensive linemen during the 2018 recruiting cycle. The `Noles currently have three offensive linemen committed. Four-star center Verdis Brown, four-star OL Christian Armstrong, and three-star OL Christian Meadows.

NoleGameday had the chance to speak with Brown late last week. The 6’4” 290 lb. prospect raved about the Seminoles and seems like he can’t wait to put on the garnet and gold. Brown started his high school career in Chicago before deciding to play his senior season at IMG Academy.

IMG has the most talented roster in prep football. They have seven 2018 top-100 prospects on their roster. The players get to compete against high-level skill day in and day out, something they wouldn’t get on a normal high school program. Brown has played on the offensive and defensive fronts in high school and FSU is recruiting him as a center.

Brown is a physical run blocker who does a good job of utilizing his hands when engaging with defenders. He can effectively seal defenders away from plays when washing them down the line. The four-star prospect also is good at getting to the next level to take on linebackers. He has a stable kickback on passing downs but Brown needs to keep a deeper bend to use all of his lower body strength. He has the talent and attitude to thrive at the collegiate level.

Check out our full interview with Brown below!

NoleGameday: You committed to FSU after visiting Tallahassee with your family in July. What went into your decision to pull the trigger?

Verdis Brown: “The first time I went down there I got a chance to talk to the coaching staff and got a chance to know them. I got a chance to walk around the campus, the campus is beautiful. Just the whole environment. You don’t hear nothing bad from the students walking around. And the second time I went down I got the chance to meet more people and everybody was happy to be there. We just felt like the whole environment was somewhere I could comfortably call home.”

NoleGameday: What made FSU stand out from the other schools recruiting you?

Brown: “Just the way the coaches coach. They coach hard and they’re always behind you and pushing you. A lot of coaches don’t always push you in the right direction. So the coaching staff just made me feel good.”

NoleGameday: How do you feel like Rick Trickett and the FSU offense suit you?

Brown: “Coach Trickett is always there. He gets on you but it’s because he cares. He’s one of the best offensive line coaches in football, if not the best offensive line coach. He puts a lot of olinemen in the league. The FSU offense period, we got a shotgun offense here at IMG. I feel like I can go from shotgun to under center. The Florida State offense is perfect.”

NoleGameday: You started your high school career in Chicago before deciding to transfer to IMG Academy. How hard was the transition between schools?

Brown: “I wouldn’t say it was hard it was more so an adjustment. Instead of doing stuff with everyone around I started doing it without them. It wasn’t nothing major that was hard. We’re all here at school and away from home so we can lean on each other.”

NoleGameday: How different is the step up in talent at IMG?

Brown: “It’s way different, these guys are hungry, they compete every day. Compared to back home you got one or maybe two guys competing every day. You not getting better unless you going against those players. Here, everyone is going hard all the time.”

NoleGameday: Was there anything specific you tried to improve on over the offseason?

Brown: “Explosiveness out of my stance and reading the defense.”

NoleGameday: Do you have any goals for your senior season of high school?

Brown: “I want to give up zero sacks and help this team go undefeated. Lead the offense.”

NoleGameday: Are there any specific players that you personally have been recruiting to Florida State?

Brown: “Houston Griffith and some underclassmen guys at IMG. Noah Cain (5* 2019 RB).”

NoleGameday: How close are you and Houston Griffith? Iknow you played back in Chicago together and now your both at IMG Academy.

Brown: “Me and Houston are real close. We’ve been together since freshman year and we’ve been close together for a long time.”

NoleGameday: What kind of relationships, if any, do you have with current guys on the team?

Brown: “I got a chance to meet Baveon Johnson and Alec Eberle. I got a chance to talk to them a little bit. Got a chance to talk to them and vibe with them for a little bit. Both good guys, I know if I got in trouble I could give them a call.”

NoleGameday: Who are you most excited to play with at the next level? Whether it be a current player or a member of your recruiting class?

Brown: “I would say just everyone all around. I’m excited to play with 2018 guys and block for Deondre Francois.”

NoleGameday: Have you decided on what you will be pursuing academically in college?

Brown: “Yes, I’m going to go into film.”

NoleGameday: How would you describe your commitment? Are you still considering other schools or would it take something major to sway your commitment to Florida State?

Brown: “It would take something major to sway my commitment. I’m very loyal and don’t see myself going somewhere else.”

NoleGameday: Who did you think the next player to commit to Florida State will be?

Brown: “Hmm. There’s a lot of them. I’d say probably Justin Fields.”

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