Week 2 Bold Prediction: FSU Will Score a Touchdown

Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire

Prediction: Florida State will score a touchdown. At least five of them.

Why it’s bold: It has been 254 days since FSU last scored a touchdown. Despite multiple trips to the red zone last Monday against Virginia Tech, FSU could not complete a touchdown. It was the first time since 2008 that the Seminoles failed to score a touchdown in a game at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Why I believe it will happen: Florida State is taking on Samford this weekend, a familiar FCS opponent. Their quarterback, Devlin Hodges, is a great player that will constantly test the defense this Saturday night. The Bulldogs are aware of Florida State’s performance on Monday. They will try to break out early and stun the Seminoles early just like the Hokies did. They might score one or two off of defensive miscues from the ‘Noles, but I still don’t think it will be enough.

The ‘Noles have had this week to mentally and physically recover from the discouraging first game of the Taggart Era. Quarterback Deondre Francois showed signs of improvement with his wide receiver corps all game long. Keith Gavin had some big plays, ones that have not been seen in a long time. It was not a big day in terms of yards for anyone, but Gavin and Nyqwan Murray led the team with over 50 receiving yards each.

Simply put, there needs to be more out of the receivers. Utilizing the multiple players FSU has at that position could be Taggart’s toughest challenge, but it is a much-needed one.

Khalan Laborn is said to receive more playing time this weekend. Which is a huge boost for the FSU offense. Cam Akers and Jacques Patrick split carries on Monday and both demonstrated how talented they will come to be under Taggart’s offensive scheme. Akers is a natural-born playmaker and there is a big chance that he will be breaking up the Samford defense all night on Saturday. There will be more opportunities made for players like these three to score in flashy ways, and to score a lot.

While Monday night’s game lacked the “lethal simplicity” everyone expected to see, this week of practices has been the most essential learning experience for the team and coaching staff. In order to play it safe at first, I expect to see Akers and Patrick running the ball more often than usual. The entire team needs to step up the production, especially against higher quality teams. This weekend will hopefully be the confidence booster FSU needs in order to have a successful season against their tough schedule ahead. I believe the offense will connect a lot better, there will be very few miscues this time, and at least five touchdowns will come from the ‘Noles.

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