Week 6 Bold Prediction: Florida State Will Keep the Turnover Chain Locked Up

Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire

Prediction: Florida State keeps Miami from breaking out the Turnover Chain.

Why its bold: In Miami’s (4-1) last game against North Carolina (1-3) they had six turnovers.

Why I think it’ll happen: Last weekend against Louisville, Florida State did not turn the ball over at all. This was a huge improvement for the ‘Noles, especially the offensive line. While Louisville’s defense is nowhere near as talented as Miami’s, it was a big improvement from the three turnovers against Virginia Tech and one against both Syracuse and NIU.

If you look back to Deondre Francois’s performance against Miami in 2016, there were no interceptions there either. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, I’m just saying its possible. Francois went 20-for-31 with 234 yards and two touchdowns. He had a great game in one of the most heated games ever between Miami and FSU. It may have been two years ago, but one thing that’s changed is Francois’s game has only gotten better.

I think this game will be a big challenge for Florida State on all sides of the ball. But if the offensive line can stay tough and continue to improve, Francois will be throwing less under pressure and will be able to keep his composure.

Miami will be riding high after their six-turnover game against UNC and will bring that extra confidence against Florida State. However, Florida State will respond accordingly knowing the stakes of the game, especially now with the reinforcement from the offensive line. Florida State will not allow the Hurricanes to break out their turnover chain in Saturday’s rivalry match-up at Hard Rock Stadium.

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