Week Two Injury Report

Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire

Monday’s game provided plenty of bumps and bruises to the team as well as all of our egos. Virginia Tech had it the worst. They had to deal with a series of invisible sniper fire and attacking ninjas that were so quick they were imperceptible to the human eye. It was really quite a shame. So many totally legitimate and not at all fake injuries struck that team. Thoughts and prayers go out to their glass bones and paper skin. Anyway, here’s what to expect with the injury report this week.

Cole Minshew, Right Guard

 The already abysmal offensive line was even more vulnerable on Monday night due to Minshew being out with concussion symptoms. Coach Taggart has said the starting offensive guard should be locked and loaded to take on Samford in week two. Hopefully, he’ll be an upgrade from that turnstile we all witnessed on Labor Day evening. It can’t get much worse, right?

DeCalon Brooks, Linebacker

The linebackers and offensive linemen have fought over the title of thinnest position group for a few years now. Brooks, listed as a starter for the first time in his FSU career, should also return this weekend for Samford as he clears concussion protocol. He’s likely to add some more tenderloin to FSU’s already beefy front seven.

Landon Dickerson, Offensive Tackle

Don’t get too excited for Minshew’s return to the O-line. Starting right tackle, Landon Dickerson left the VT game in the second half with what turned out to be a sprained ankle. He’ll be questionable for Saturday’s matchup with the Bulldogs. It might be wise just to rest him. Samford is a team we should be able to get away with playing a few backups against.

Jaiden Woodbey, Safety/Linebacker

This is the one that scared me the most. Woodbey, a five-star freshman do-it-all guy who can play linebacker and defensive back, had himself a terrific debut (nine tackles, 1.5 TFL) but left the game late with a dislocated shoulder. He has been in practice this week in a non-contact jersey and is expected to play in week two.

Amari Gainer, Linebacker

Another talented freshman, Amari Gainer has been dealing with a nagging foot injury all throughout summer training camp. He is currently practicing with the team in a non-contact jersey. It’s probably best not to rush his return, but he’ll more than likely be back at some point in the first few games of the season.

The `Noles are overall healthy and strong heading into the second week of the season. No disrespect to the Samford Bulldogs, but they’re about to run into a very ticked off and very talented team. I sure wouldn’t want to be those guys right now.

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