2021 ACC Tournament Primer

We’ve made it to the ACC Tournament after COVID pauses, bad losses, but an overall good season. Florida State fell to the 2 seed after falling at Notre Dame and Virginia won at Louisville, but it arguably gave them a better side of the bracket (we’ll get to it here in a second). I’ll update this article as games get played, and give longer notes as it pertains to FSU.

Here is the bracket.

I really like Florida State’s side of the bracket. Don’t have to play Georgia Tech or Clemson, two teams that really slow the pace down, play good defense, and draw a lot of fouls, until the ACC Championship. I’m still not sold on Virginia Tech being a good team, but we’ll see how they play this week. I think they’ll be really rusty given they haven’t played much in the last month, just 4 games all of February. UNC and Louisville are obviously capable of playing well, and Duke has a pretty good offense, but you’d rather play those teams than either GT or Clemson if you’re FSU.

On a side note, Virginia Tech should not be playing due to numerous COVID pauses on their front, but they’re being allowed to play. If Florida State is forced to miss March Madness due to contact tracing on VT’s side, I’m going to fight someone. VT just had to cancel two games last week due to COVID. This isn’t ok. Anyway, here’s my bracket prediction.

It’s hard for me to trust any team in the ACC right now, but I’m banking on an angry and motivated Florida State team coming out to play this week. There will either be some hangover and they look lazy, or they come out on fire. The 1 seed in recent ACC Tournaments are just 2 for 5 in winning the tournament the last 5 tournaments, excluding last year since most games weren’t played.

Some of the more surprise picks would be UNC over VT (I don’t think VT is healthy and UNC is playing pretty decent), Georgia Tech over Virginia (it is REALLY hard to beat the same team three times in one season, and GT got really close in the first two matchups), and I guess Wake Forest over Notre Dame (Wake plays hard). Miami/Pitt is going to be really interesting to watch, since both coaches might be coaching for their jobs this tournament. If Clemson’s offense wakes up, they could absolutely make some noise in the tournament.

Syracuse, Louisville, Georgia Tech, and UNC are all looking for one more good win to try and get in the NCAA Tournament. As of now bracketmatrix, which compiles every major bracket into one average seeding, has UNC, GT, and Louisville just inside the tournament as a 10-11 seed, while Syracuse is the first team out. Duke could potentially make it as well, but I think they’d have to win the whole tournament to get in. Virginia, FSU, and Virginia Tech should all be safely in the Big Dance.

I will be updating this article at the end of each night with quick thoughts about each game, and longer notes about games that pertain to FSU’s side of the bracket. Hopefully every team makes it out of this with no COVID issues and a team emerges as a major threat for the rest of the country. There won’t be any game previews for each game FSU plays, sadly I don’t have that much time, but I will at the very least link previous game previews if it’s a team FSU has played before.

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