2022 OG Kanaya Charlton nearing decision after FSU spring game

For the second time in two weeks, 2022 offensive guard Kanaya Charlton made a trip to Florida State to get his eyes on the Seminoles. Charlton was in Tallahassee this past weekend to watch the annual spring game. He came away amazed by the atmosphere and fan support.

“I was getting love before, during, and after,” Charlton said. “There was one lady that came up to me while I was going to the restroom. She said, ‘are you coming to Florida State?” I said, ‘maybe ma’am’ and she responded, ‘Well you better, we really want you here.’”

“I can’t imagine it being an actual game day,” Charlton continued. “Seeing it, even though they weren’t allowing a ton of people in, it’s hard to explain. I couldn’t even wrap my head around it, I was amazed.”

Prior to the game, Charlton was out near the Unconquered Statue and got a chance to speak with quarterback commit Nicco Marchiol. It means a lot to him that current commitments are pursuing him and want him in the class just as much as the coaching staff.

“I got to speak with the quarterback [Nicco Marchiol], he was telling me all about it,” Charlton said. “Just to hear it from another person around my age group, just hearing how good Florida State was, it made me feel even more wanted than I already felt like. He said that he would love to play with me. Hearing that, especially from a quarterback of his skillset, it made my day.”

“It means that no matter what, they are a family,” Charlton continued. “How the players will keep you straight, how the coaches will keep you straight, how they feel for you and treat you. That just made me feel special, to see that the players are bought into it even though they aren’t even there physically, they are there mentally and emotionally. That was just amazing to see.”

The Georgia native paid close attention to the offensive line and noticed some improvement from the unit in the time since his last unofficial visit.

“They allowed a lot less penetration from the first time I came there,” Charlton said. “That just showed me that they got better over a few weeks period and to see that just goes to show how good the team is becoming.”

Charlton is planning to return to Florida State once the dead period is lifted this summer to participate at a camp where he can actually work with offensive line coach Alex Atkins. He’s setting up an official visit for the end of June.

“Right now, I’m trying to schedule an official visit,” Charlton said. “My team, we’re going to have an OL/DL camp and 7v7 at Florida State. That’s going to be one part where I get to go there and actually be coached by coach Atkins. I’m planning on taking an official visit at the end of June.”

Is the Brunswick High School product getting any closer to a decision after what he experienced this weekend?

“Being able to see them and how they perform under the fan pressure made me feel like I was getting closer to a decision,” Charlton said. “I’m pretty sure it’s going to come out in July, sometime in July.”

The 6-foot-5, 330-pound offensive lineman is ranked as the No. 1049 overall prospect, the No. 43 OG, and the No. 89 player in the state of Georgia in the 2022 class according to 247Sports. We expect that ranking to climb during his senior season.

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