2022 OL Julian Armella sees an opportunity at FSU, talks recruiting

Over this past weekend 2022 standout offensive lineman Julian Armella was at a Rival’s camp, a camp he won MVP in last year. Video surfaced on social media of him dominating the competition, proving that he is one of the very best offensive line prospects in his class. We caught up with him to get the latest on his recruitment and to see where Florida State stands at this moment.

Julian Armella plays for one of the best high school programs in the country in St. Thomas Aquinas. Being one of the best rising juniors in the country has helped him gain exposure and has led to receiving nearly 30 offers so far. A who’s who has been in contact and Armella has some top-flight offers already in hand.

“Recruiting has been a lot, it really blew up my freshman year,” Armella said. “I have 28 offers right now from schools like FSU, LSU, Alabama, Florida, Oregon, Notre Dame, schools like that. I’ve been talking to Clemson. They want to see me before they offer me. FSU was my first offer and that was a dream come true.”

Over the next several recruiting cycles there are numerous Seminole legacies that are among the nation’s best players, all that will see themselves being nationally recruited. Julian’s dad played nose guard at FSU, and he grew up a big fan of FSU. According to Julian, FSU will play a major part in his recruitment.

“It is most definitely true that FSU is a favorite,” Armella said. “Part of this process, for me, is being able to provide for my family and be close. I want to be close to home where my family and friends can come see me. Even though my dad went there and won a National Title there never has been any pressure to go there. He wants me to go where I feel happy. He told me he was highly recruited but when he went and visited FSU he knew then where he was going.”

“I’ve been going to FSU since I was a little kid,” Armella continued. “I grew up knowing the staff, I know the campus and it is always awesome. My dad has taught me everything really. While he played nose guard at FSU he was the #1 offensive guard in the country in high school. With FSU I see playing time there and a chance to come in and dominate as a freshman. I want to go to a school that needs me and that will help me the most.”

When watching film or highlights of Julian what immediately pops off the screen is his ability to control the man across from him. St. Thomas Aquinas has a tradition of producing quality linemen and Armella is going to be the next big-timer to come out of there.

“We’ve played as both a running and passing team so I am comfortable doing either,” Armella said about his playing style. “We had Marcus Rosemy this year so we threw a lot, but we also could pound the ball. Not many teams are able to run the tempo we do along with that South Florida speed so they can’t keep up. We just had Marcus Dumervil here. My coach was telling me that he can teach me things that Marcus can’t do, and there are things Marcus can do that I can’t. He’s more about technique and he is great at it. I am a destroyer. I want to put you on your back. Playing guard you go against bigger dudes and I like the contact. Moving a guy from point A to point B gets me all pumped and gives me energy. It is why I like playing football.”

Julian says that he expects to play tackle in college and that is where he feels his versatility will stand out. The video that surfaced from the weekend shows that once he gets his hands on you the play is over for you.

“I won MVP of that camp last year but I just missed it this year,” Armella said about the camp video and his weekend’s performance. “The guy that won, we both had a great day and they said it was hard to choose. Guys aren’t able to bull rush me and I think I use my technique well enough that guys aren’t going to run around me. I’m a patient player. I will let the guy make his move then I will get on him.”

FSU is one of the programs that sees Julian as a tackle on the next level. He has been building a great relationship with new offensive line coach Alex Atkins.

“I was just Facetiming Coach Atkins,” Armella said, “we were talking about the camp, my upcoming visit March 7th, and his plan. I like how he keeps it straight forward, he sells reality. Other coaches are going to tell you what you want to hear in order to get you. With Coach Atkins it’s real and it is more than football. Coach Norvell was at my school, and while I couldn’t talk to him, my coach said that he likes me a lot as a player. He likes the man I am and the grades I get. They re-offered me quickly. Coach Atkins is one hell of a dude. Teams like FSU and Miami were powerhouses. I think FSU gets back there and in two years anything can change.”

Armella plays basketball in order to help his footwork. He has also played baseball and soccer.

“I’m 6-foot-6, 315 pounds but I play basketball because it’s fun,” Armella said. “More importantly it helps with my footwork, helps me learn to move laterally. On the court, I am the mean one and I usually foul out, but I like playing.”

Julian knows what he is looking for from a college team and looks to make a decision around his senior year.

“I won’t commit early as a junior but I know what I am looking for,” Armella stated. “I want a great environment, family-friendly, I want to feel welcomed and be someone who can help them. I want to win. Being close so my family doesn’t have to drive is important because I want them around.”

Stay tuned as we track Julian’s FSU visit March 7th, as well as his upcoming Junior season.

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