2022 OT Patrick Kutas talks unofficial visit to FSU, recruitment

With the end of the summer just around the corner and football season drawing closer to kickoff, we’re seeing high school recruits around the country trim down their recruitments and make commitments at a rapid pace.

Earlier this month, 2022 offensive tackle Patrick Kutas released his top-four with Florida State, Arkansas, Oregon, and Illinois making the cut. All of those programs have been consistent with making him a priority.

“Those were all of the schools that really are pushing hard for me,” Kutas said. “I have a really great bond with everybody there, all the head coaches, the staff. Those are the schools that I really wanted to visit and make a priority.”

Kutas took three official visits in June but his most recent trip was to FSU on an unofficial. He came into it not really knowing what to expect.

“I didn’t really know what I was getting into,” Kutas said. “It’s kind of been that way with every school, you don’t know what to expect but they really did a great job making the unofficial feel like an official visit. I really enjoyed it down there, the atmosphere was cool, the coaches were cool, I got to talk to some recruits, it was a good time.”

This was his first time getting a chance to be face to face with the coaching staff that offered Kutas back in February. He spent time with head coach Mike Norvell, offensive line coach Alex Atkins, and GA Cooper Williams.

“It was awesome talking to coach Atkins for the first time in person,” Kutas said. “He doesn’t change, he doesn’t put a mask on when he’s on the phone, he’s the same person. Super funny, he’s a character. I talked to Cooper Williams, me and him, we talk a bunch, almost every day. Talking to him, it was easy, he’s kind of my go to guy. Coach Norvell, he’s very energetic. The first thing he does, we’re sitting there kind of waiting on him and he walks in the room and he screams right away. That was different but he was awesome to talk to as well, very energetic.”

He enjoyed touring Florida State’s campus during the visit. A Memphis native, Kutas said that Tallahassee actually reminded him of home.

“I got to see the campus,” Kutas said. “The campus was beautiful. All of the Spanish moss and everything, that’s something I don’t see much. It’s actually pretty funny how Memphis and Tallahassee are scarily similar. Getting to see all of the people, hanging out with the players.”

One of the top highlights of the experience for Kutas was sitting down with coach Atkins and watching film. Atkins has different techniques to try and assess how others learn.

“Definitely watching film with coach Atkins,” Kutas said. “The first thing he does when we get in there is he gives us a marker and makes us write the days of the week in alphabetical order. He’s always trying to get your brain to fire, get your brain to think differently, he’s trying to figure out how you think so he can help you in that way. That was pretty cool, I really liked that.”

The Christian Brothers High School product’s best relationship on the staff is with grad assistant Cooper Williams, who also grew up in Memphis.

“Sometimes he’ll just hit me up with different things,” Kutas said. “He went to the same high school that I’m going to right now. He grew up in Memphis so we can relate to each other really well.”

As for when a potential decision could come, Kutas isn’t exactly sure. It’ll likely come down to a gut feeling and when the time feels right for him. He’s hoping to return to FSU in the fall on an official visit.

The 6-foot-5, 284-pound offensive tackle is ranked as the No. 618 overall prospect, the No. 91 DL and the No. 21 recruit in the state of Tennessee according to 247Sports.

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