2022 QB Davin Wydner Blown Away by FSU Visit

Florida State was able to host several recruits early on during spring practice before everything was put on hiatus. One of the recruits they hosted was 2022 quarterback Davin Wydner. He spoke about the visit with us and about how it impacts his recruitment heading into the summer.

Davin Wydner has emerged as one of the best quarterbacks in Florida for the 2022 class. The Melbourne, FL signal-caller made his way to Tallahassee last week to visit FSU for unofficial, looking to spend time with the coaches while checking out practice. Coming off of the visit, Wydner says he was blown away by the attention he received from the staff.

“From start to finish the visit was great,” Wydner said. “We were greeted right away, and we had someone from the coaching staff with us the whole time. It was impressive. I felt very much at home with the atmosphere. It was a very, very good visit. I was there with James BlackStrain and my coach from high school.”

“We were with Coach Smith and Coach McMillian from start to finish, and we interacted with Coach Dillingham about five times, as well as getting to shake Coach Norvell’s hand as he was heading out to practice. We also spent time with Coach Marve since he’s our area recruiter. The message from them was to keep progressing and that I am high on their list. They want some time to evaluate and want me to come back when I can. I was going to come back for the spring game, but can’t now (because of the coronavirus). The visit went well for both sides.”

Wydner had intentions to check out all of the Division 1 programs in Florida this week, but those plans have been put on hold. 

“Luckily I was able to get to FSU and that was the only visit I made,” explained Wydner. “That puts them at the top now and I want to get back up there. I had six visits canceled – I was supposed to visit FIU, FAU, Miami, UCF, USF and Florida.”

The unofficial visit that has stood out the most to Davin was his visit to Georgia. He says this visit to FSU matches that. These visits are important because Wydner wants to find somewhere he is wanted and a school where he can come in and help the program.

“I had heard about how FSU is before the visit, and I would say it is up there with Georgia as the best,” Wydner said. “You know, I am not looking to go to the best school per se, I want to go to the school that helps me best and a place that shows me the attention and hospitality to make me feel welcomed. I felt that at FSU on this visit.”

Throughout the visit, Wydner got a chance to see practice and speak to the coaches about how they see him as a recruit.

“They told me I fit the mold they like at quarterback,” Wydner explained. “They like my size and they like my tape. They said I have two years to continue to develop and improve. They like how I throw the deep ball and my placement and how I can throw to all parts of the field.”

“I was watching the practice and how they coach,” continued Wydner. “The practice had a lot of energy and had a fast tempo. Coaches there were saying how different it was and how they’ve never seen anything like it. The coaches have a good relationship with the players. I was watching James Blackman because he’s the returning starter. I was watching how he moves and how he leads. Their QB room has changed a lot. I think it is a place I could go and have a shot to contribute.”

Teammate James BlackStrain is one of the best wide receivers in the nation in 2021, and the two have formed a close relationship. There is talk of the two going to the same school, but Davin made it known they are not a package deal. 

“We’re in the same boat in how the visit went,” Wydner said. “As we get closer, we talk. James is a year older and has a lot more offers than I do. We talk about how we’d like to find each other in college and we take that into consideration, but we are not a package deal. We would like to play together in college, though.”

There are a few things that continue to stand out to Davin a week after the visit.

“Just the attention factor and how there was never not a coach with us,” Wydner said. “We saw some other recruits there, but there was always someone around us. We were there from 8:30 in the morning until 3:00 pm. They showed us everything and there was never a dull moment. You can tell they care. My high school coach was amazed by the visit and shocked with what he saw. He thinks FSU is going to have a good year and said he has a good vibe about the program. I think he’ll be pushing FSU more than he used to.”

Right now Wydner does not hold an offer from FSU as they want to evaluate him in person. With the desire to stay in-state for college, getting the offer would be a big deal to Wydner and it would have a major impact on his recruitment. 

“If I got that offer it would make me really ask more questions because of the location,” said Wydner. They’ve never seen me throw in person and that is something they want to see. If we have spring practice Coach Norvell said he’d be by to watch. They think I am an offerable kid. My coach got their summer camp schedule and I may go there to throw. An offer from would be big, getting that offer from one of the “Big 3”. Being first to offer plays a big role with me as it will come down to one of those schools.”

We will continue to monitor Davin’s recruitment through spring and into the summer. Stay tuned!

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