2022 QB Ty Simpson Goes In Depth on Recruiting and His Interest in FSU

Florida State is actively recruiting quarterbacks for the 2022 class, and they have begun to identify some recruits they feel are a good fit for the program. Ty Simpson, a dual-threat quarterback from Martin, TN, is emerging as a national recruit and is someone Coach Norvell and his staff have a lot of interest in. We recently caught up with Ty to talk about the latest with his recruitment.

Ty Simpson has grown up around the game of football as his dad, Jason Simpson, is the current quarterback’s coach at UT-Martin. He feels that being a coaches kid has set him up for success and that none of the offers nor attention he’s received would happen without the impact his dad has made on him.

“To be honest I would not be here without my dad,” Simpson said. “He has coached me up the most. He hasn’t offered me yet, but I think that’s because he knows what my dreams are. I want to play on the biggest stage, win a Heisman and a national championship, and be the best quarterback of all time. Being a coach’s son, I think that has separated me mentally because I can learn football every day. The mental part of the game is huge.”

Ty’s recruitment has gotten off to a quick start as he has 28 offers, offers that include the nation’s top programs. He tells us he’s been working hard off the field in order to graduate early and be an early enrollee. 

“Recruiting is going really well for me but I am focused on graduating early,” said Simpson. “I am doing school online trying to get this done. I am working on my stuff every day to stay on track. Graduating early is important because it will give me a head start to college.”

“I have 28 offers right now,” continued Simpson. “Every school in the SEC has offered except Florida. They are talking to me. Oklahoma, FSU, Michigan, USC they have offered. Notre Dame, Ohio State and Clemson are offers I want but they haven’t offered me yet. They are talking to me about coming to visit them and they will offer.”

Simpson has seen his recruitment negatively impacted by the spread of the coronavirus. He said that he had numerous spring visits planned and that the feel of recruiting has been different the past 6 weeks. 

“Recruiting has been impacted by this whole thing going on and I have different people calling all the time,” said Simpson. “I had a lot of visits planned this spring. I was going to go to FSU, Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, LSU, Clemson, and Ole Miss. I have my third coach in three years at my school so the college coaches are trying to reach out to him to have me get in touch with them. It’s been tough. I’ve been FaceTiming head coaches a lot; just this week I have talked to Coach Franklin from Penn State, Coach Riley from Oklahoma, Coach Pruitt from Tennessee, Coach Kiffin at Ole Miss and Coach Leach at Mississippi State. It’s happening like that every week so it’s been crazy.”

Ty is very familiar with Coach Norvell from his time at Memphis and that is a major reason why Simpson is strongly considering FSU at this time. 

“I’ve known Coach Norvell since he was at Memphis and Coach Dillingham was recruiting me at Auburn,” said Simpson. “There is a great opportunity at FSU. Coach Norvell was doing a lot of great things at Memphis and I think he is one of the best coaches. He made them into a powerhouse. I could go there and we could hopefully win a national championship.”

“I have a funny story from when Norvell was at Memphis,” Simpson continued. “Memphis was one of the first visits I took. I think going into the visit I had just gotten an offer from Michigan. So, I went on the visit and had a good time, but they didn’t offer me. I left there wondering why. Come to find out he thought they didn’t have a shot with me, but that wasn’t the case at all. I was very interested in playing for Norvell at Memphis. Now that he’s at FSU that is awesome. Knowing him I don’t think he would have taken the FSU job if he didn’t think he could win a national championship.  I would like to play for him. I am eager to see what they are going to do at FSU.”

Simpson’s dad has formed a friendship with Norvell through the coaching circles so Ty has been around Norvell for some time. They’ve talked shop, and Ty’s dad has hired some coaches from Norvell’s staff throughout the years. All of this has led to a good understanding of what he likes to do on the offensive side of the ball. 

“My dad and Coach Norvell formed a friendship through the coaching conventions, and he has hired some of Coach Norvell’s GA’s,” said Simpson. “My dad would call him and ask for feedback on the coaches. Coach Norvell would be open and honest with him which my dad appreciated. His offense is so good; my dad worked with him to learn about it. I think he’s like that because he was there before trying to get better as a coach. I think if I did decide that FSU was the place for me, my dad would be happy with that.”

“I’ve been watching what he’s done at Memphis and I think the way I play fits what him and Coach Dillingham do on offense,” Simpson continued. “Guys like Riley Ferguson and Brady White have been the real deal in that offense. Coach Norvell got Memphis to the Cotton Bowl. That’s great! I like how involved Coach Norvell is with the quarterbacks and the offense. He knows that ties the whole thing together. I’ve always had interest in playing for him.”

While Simpson hasn’t been evaluated on recruiting sites, his offer sheet shows that he is one of the top quarterbacks in his class and that he will be one of the most recruited. Versatility is what sets him apart from other quarterbacks and that is what has caught the attention of coaches from all over the country.

“I think what makes me a good quarterback is my versatility,” said Simpson. “I think I could play anywhere on the field if I wasn’t a quarterback. I am able to throw at different arm angles which there are not many that can do that. That is one thing Coach Norvell told me. He said that while I have the arm strength my ability to throw at different angles makes me impressive. I can also run which coaches have said they like.”

Quarterback dominoes will begin to fall over the next few months which is something Ty is cognizant of. He is trying to take things slowly right now as he wants to make some visits. At the same time, he does say he could wake up one morning ready to make the call. 

“I am not sure I am ready to commit to anyone yet, but I could pull it at any time,” said Simpson. “A lot of schools are trying to get me to commit now to build their class around me. Quarterbacks are the leader of the team and players rally around them. If someone jumps on and commits somewhere I will move on to another school. I want to stay open as much as I can, and I kind of have some top schools, but this whole thing is about relationships. The best relationship I have is where I am going to go. I want to take some visits to see everything before I commit. I could get up one day and decide to call that coach and say I’m in, let’s do this.”

Simpson says he has built a lot of great relationships with coaches, and that some have stood out to him so far in the process.

“Right now, coach Norvell, I have a great relationship with him and Coach Dillingham,” said Simpson. “I also have developed a great relationship with Coach Weinke and Chaney at Tennessee, Coach Streeter at Clemson, Coach Morris at Auburn, we talk about everything but football. Coach Riley at Oklahoma is a big one, I Facetime with him a lot. Coach Harrell at USC and Coach Franklin and Coach Ciarrocca at Penn State are also in there.”

Needless to say, Ty has a bunch of great options to choose from and FSU is strongly in the game for Simpson. We will continue to track his recruitment and report any developments that happen as we head into the summer.

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