About Us

About Us

Based in Tallahassee, Florida and founded in 2013 by Logan Robinson, NoleGameday is a sports coverage site and social media roundup covering Florida State University athletics around the clock to hundreds of thousands of fans. NoleGameday is independently running and is not affiliated with Florida State University. NoleGameday currently has 12 members on the staff consisting of writers, social media contributors, and graphic designers.

NoleGameday is the most engaging and interactive sports coverage company related to Florida State University athletics. Along with being featured on Bleacher Report, NoleGameday’s social media presence reaches 5+ million people every month across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

NoleGameday’s mission is to give its followers entertaining content with credible news information that they can trust around the clock.


CEO & Founder — Logan Robinson

I’m currently a student at Florida State University studying Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a specialization in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Since I was little I’ve always wanted to build a large following on either social media or websites to bring fans the most entertaining and useful info on a certain community.  I’ve always loved sports and grew up in a family full of die-hard Seminole fans. One of my favorite moments related to Florida State Athletics has to be from when I was sitting in Pasadena’s Rose Bowl watching Jameis Winston make the final drive to defeat Auburn for the 2013 National Championship.

Lead Writer — Dustin Lewis

Dustin Lewis is a student at Florida State University who is majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media. Sports were always his passion growing up and that has led Lewis to continue his love for sports in a way that he can share that passion with others. Lewis is the head of basketball coverage at NoleGameday and provides contributions to the football side. He also currently writes for FSView Sports and Hashtag Basketball. Favorite memory is Florida State Basketball achieving an undefeated season at home in 2017. Connect with Dustin on Twitter at @Dussttin.

Lead Graphic Designer — Fisher Adkins

I work as the lead graphic designer for NoleGameday. I have been with NG since November of 2015. My responsibilities include creating digital content for all social media platforms as well as assisting with marketing strategies. I currently attend Mississippi State University where I work as a graphic design assistant for MSU’s athletic marketing department. I am also pursuing a degree in marketing with a minor in graphic design. Growing up a ‘Nole fan I have made countless unforgettable memories, but nothing will ever top watching the Seminoles beat Auburn 34-31 in the Rose Bowl to win the 2013 National Championship.