ACC coaches anonymously comment on Florida State, Taggart, Fisher

Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire

Every year, Athlon Sports asks ACC coaches for their thoughts on teams within the conference. In order for the coaches to be as open as possible, Athlon keeps their comments completely anonymous. We don’t know who said what, but we do know that the comments below regarding Florida State did come from coaches around the conference.

While none of the comments are Earth-shattering, some of them offer further confirmation to what FSU fans have been thinking for a while. See some of their comments below and make sure to check out the full article here to see what was said about Clemson, Miami and other teams in the conference.

“That staff was probably too optimistic last year. Willie Taggart got his dream job and all that, but that roster had serious problems.”

“The offense did not work at all under Walt Bell; that was a really bad fit with the players and with Taggart, and now they’re banking on Kendal Briles. The upside is that he usually gets successful quick. Look at Houston and FAU — he can put guys in and adjust on the fly. The system won’t look that much different than last year, but you have a guy in Kendal who is really going to control all phases. Taggart trusts him; they go way back.”

“They have to get better on the offensive line. They were handed a short roster, but they also didn’t look well-coached at all. It killed their run game.”

“James Blackman is good enough to start, but you have to think Alex Hornibrook didn’t transfer for one year not to play. Either one will be an improvement over Deondre Francois. To put it politely, he didn’t look ‘coachable’ at times last year, and they need someone at that position in this season to help them sell their new era.”

“Defensively, they’re strong, especially in the back. They’re going to be a lot deeper at linebacker especially.”

“They lose Brian Burns in the pass rush, but they have some scary dudes inside on that line.”

“It’s still a really young roster with a lot of gaps from some bad recruiting years before Fisher left.”

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