Another one for FSU Baseball

At this rate, I almost expect someone to commit to FSU and Mike Martin Jr. every day, and they really are keeping that pace. The staff has continued to stick to certain profiles they want in their recruits; tall, lanky pitchers, athletic OF and middle INF, and power left-handed bats. This commit comes in the form of a power left-handed bat and a sturdy backstop. The ‘Noles have picked up their 5th commit of the 2022 class in Gunnett Carlson, which makes it four 2022 commits since Meat spoke of getting ahead of the game on the recruiting scene.

Carlson hails from Tampa and Berkeley Preparatory School, where he played on the varsity team as a freshman. In 18 games, the freshman put up an OPS of .906 while homering once and doubling 3 times. Carlson is an imposing figure in the box and pretty big for his age, standing 5’11 and weighing 195 pounds. Carlson doesn’t take a very large swing, but he generates a lot of power with quick hands through the zone and the use of his lower half in his swing.

The Tampa native is a very physical kid and uses an aggressive approach at the plate. Carlson attacks balls and when he barrels one up, it goes a long way. He’s also been very impressive behind the plate at many different summer showcases. Carlson actually moves quite well behind the plate for his size and has the ability to gun runners down at 2nd. I’d expect him to stick behind the plate throughout the rest of his high school career and into college ball.

One key thing here is the combination of Mike Martin Jr. and Mike Metcalf’s ability to recruit the Tampa area. The 813 is not just one of the best counties in the state of Florida for baseball, but all of the country as well. For years, Meat dominated that area, currently, there are 9 players from the Tampa area on the roster. Metcalf has connections to Tampa after scouting in the area for the past few years as an area scout for the San Francisco Giants. This is the 2nd commit from the area this summer, and if the Noles can lock down Tampa’s baseball commits, it could be a scary sight.

As for why Carlson choose the Noles, well as they say, “Logo’s different.” Carlson told me, “All anyone needs to know is that I’ve been a die-hard ‘Nole my whole life and there isn’t any other place I would rather be. This is truly a dream come true.” I think you’ll like this kid Nole nation. You can expect to see him hitting a few bombs over the RF fence at Mike Martin Field in a few years.

This should just be the beginning of a roll of 2022 commits for the staff as they’ve mostly filled out the 2020 and 2021 classes. Mike Martin Jr is proving himself early and has followed up on what he promised to do at his introductory presser, getting out “early and often” on the recruiting trail.

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