BREAKING: FSU Basketball Lands Jalen Warley

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Florida State basketball has added yet another top-60 recruit for the class of 2021, this time in 5-star Jalen Warley, a combo guard from Westtown School in Pennsylvania. The momentum train for Florida State and Coach Hamilton officially has no brakes. Warley chose the ‘Noles over Michigan and Virginia.


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Warley is an extremely talented player, and has the size Florida State is looking for at 6’4″ and 175 pounds. He joins Matthew Cleveland, Bryce McGowens, and John Butler as the 4th top-60 recruit in the 2021 class for FSU, just further cementing the Seminoles’ place as the number one class for 2021. With Naheem McLeod also on board, Florida State still could add one more to the class.

Here is 247’s scouting report of Warley.

Jalen Warley is a big guard with size, skill and solid athleticism. At right around 6-foot-4, Warley has the size to play off the ball and also the ability to be a primary ball handler who makes others better. He doesn’t possess elite athleticism, but his size, basketball intelligence and feel for the game show on both ends of the court. On defensive he is capable of switching and guarding multiple positions, while on offense he can run a team or be a primary scorer if that is asked of him. Warley needs to continue to be more assertive so that his natural ability shines through, but all of the tools are there for him to make an impact and college, and potentially even in the NBA.

What is amazing about this class is no one seems like a surefire one-and-done prospect. All of these players are phenomenal high school players that will be superb college players, but will stick around for a little while. Cleveland has the highest chance to go one-and-done, but both him and Warley are looking at second round projections right now. Obviously, with this FSU staff that has as great of a development program as any, anything is possible. But these all seem like guys who will be here for 2-3, if not 4 seasons. This could really be the foundation of a team that could absolutely win a national championship.

Warley tried to add intrigue to his recruitment once futurecasts and crystal balls came flying in for Florida State, tweeting:

This was then followed by more FSU predictions, and it became clear that FSU was his future destination. I don’t blame him for wanting to have his own moment and not have it spoiled for him.

Here is my basic scouting report of Jalen Warley.


Body Control and Toughness

Warley’s not the biggest guy, but his ability to take contact in the paint and still finish is impressive. It’s not quite on the level of Cleveland’s, but I don’t think anyone’s is. Warley’s is still incredible. Can finish with either hand flawlessly and acrobatically. Because he’s taller than most high school guards, he’s learned to use his size in the paint tremendously.

Playing Passing Lanes

Florida State’s defense predicates on staying in passing lanes and having active hands. While stats are hard to find for most high schools, but it’s not hard to see he really plays passing lanes well. The coaching staff will be really excited to refine what he already has going for him.

No Weaknesses

There are some things you could be really nitpicky about. He’s not the greatest shooter, he’s not the most elite athlete, he’s not the greatest all-around scorer. The fact of the matter is, he’s still really good at everything. He can guard multiple positions, he’s a very capable scorer that can score from any level, and he can set up his teammates nicely. Because he’s not a true point guard, he can play off-ball or on-ball which is an invaluable skill for a team that wants to be as positionless as possible. Warley, McGowens, and Cleveland all have really great ball-handling skills which is going to lead to a potent offensive attack.



Like I said, there are some things you can be nitpicky about. The way he handled his recruitment makes me think he’s a little all about himself and slightly question his locker room fit, but if the staff has no concerns, I don’t either. I can’t blame a kid for wanting 15 minutes of fame. Getting into a developmental program like Florida State’s is really going to help Warley refine the finer points of his game.

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