BREAKING: Three-star tight end Jerrale Powers commits to Florida State

Florida State’s momentum on the recruiting trail is simply unmatched right now as the Seminoles have landed six commitments in the last seven days. That includes the most recent member of the class, 2022 tight end Jerrale Powers, who just announced his decision to commit to FSU over Colorado, Oregon State, and Arkansas.

Powers and his family made their first trip to Tallahassee last weekend for an official visit. They came away impressed with the coaching staff’s plan for Powers and what the program can offer.

“What really helped me out with my decision was talking with coach Norvell and Coach Thomsen,” Powers said. “Seeing how my family felt at the school, which they really loved it, so that was the green light. On top of that, seeing how much coach Norvell actually wants me. I know if I go there he’s gonna push me to be my absolute best at all times, and so will coach Thomsen. They’ve had experience with guys like me and they put guys into the next level so I trust that they will do the same with me.”

During the visit, Powers actually let the coaching staff know that he’d be committing. Understandably, head coach Mike Norvell and tight ends coach Chris Thomsen were both excited.

“I let coach Norvell know on the visit actually,” Powers said. “He started screaming. Coach Thomsen, he’s real chill, he started smiling and saying congratulations. Coach Norvell, he’s always energetic so he was yelling all over the facility and his office.”

His family was very happy as well. They were sold on Powers going to Florida State following the visit but wanted him to come to that decision on his own.

“They were all for it,” Powers said. “They actually wanted me to but they didn’t want to say anything about it yet because I guess they didn’t want to pressure me into it. But, my family actually wanted me to go to Florida State so I just kind of hopped on board with them.”

The Texas native has built a solid relationship with coach Thomsen, who is also from the Lone Star State. It gives Powers a sense of comfort to have a coach he can relate to.

“It played in a lot because when we first started talking, I can tell when somebody is from there and he kinda sounded like it,” Powers said. “He doesn’t sound like how he looks, I didn’t expect that at all. With both of us being from Texas, it plays a big part because I’ll be down there with somebody that knows how it feels to be far from home, and if I was to be down or something, he would be able to help me. We just kinda related because we know the same cities, we know certain people down here. It was kind of easy building a good relationship with him.”

In the end, another big factor in the athletic tight end committing to the Seminoles was the opportunity to rebuild the program as a part of a talented 2022 class.

“Off of my experience [on the visit], the history that’s at Florida State,” Powers said. “They’re rebuilding and I want to be a part of that because I feel like with the 2022 class that’s coming in, it’s going to be something real, real special.”

Powers has already spoken with running back Rodney Hill, offensive lineman Aliou Bah, and a couple of the guys that committed last weekend. He hasn’t met quarterback AJ Duffy or defensive back Travis Hunter just yet but he’s excited to play with them.

“Of course you want to go be the best, you want to go where the best is,” Powers said. “That helped out a lot. I actually forgot that AJ Duffy was committed there and I think it popped up on my feed and that really blew me away. I can have AJ Duffy as my quarterback if I was to go to Florida State? Having dudes like Travis Hunter guard me, who wouldn’t want that? That plays a pretty big role too.”

Though the Duncanville High School product made his pledge official today, he’s already been recruiting his teammate and four-star offensive tackle, Jaylen Early, to join him in Tallahassee. Early is expected to make a decision in August.

“Oh yeah, I’m recruiting him hard every day, you can ask him yourself,” Powers said. “I haven’t really started thinking about any other guys to recruit, I’m sure I will. I do plan on recruiting after I commit but the main person I’m focused on is my teammate [Jaylen Early], he commits on August 2. Just know, I’m working on him so don’t be surprised if he becomes a Seminole.”

With a skill-set and body type comparable to current tight end Cam McDonald, the staff plans to use Powers in a similar way in the offense. He can move around to different positions and provide a presence as a blocker. Powers likes to utilize his size against smaller defensive backs and his speed isn’t something to scoff at either, with a reported 4.55-second 40 time.

“I would say that I’m a very aggressive person,” Powers said. “I try to use my body as a strength because most corners aren’t used to seeing a big guy like me at wide receiver. I have strong hands, I use my body a lot, I have good feet. My play-style is pretty much, I want to say bully ball, but I do use my skills too. Most of the time I just try to bully you.”

Moving forward, Powers is locked in with the Seminole. He is working on becoming an early enrollee with the plan to major in Robotics Engineering at Florida State.

“That is the plan,” Powers said. “I think I only need like four or five credits to finish my senior year so that’s like a full semester and maybe half of the second one. If I am able to enroll early, that’s what I’ll do.”

“Robotics Engineering,” Powers continued. “They have a really big facility, it’s off-campus, you’ll have to drive to get there. They have a pretty good facility with actual scientists coming in to do experiments and a lot of engineers. They’re also partnered with FAMU. With me being an engineer, I would be able to intern with some of the scientists so that’s pretty cool.”

The 6-foot-4, 238-pound tight end is ranked as the No. 1157 overall prospect, the No. 69 TE, and the No. 162 recruit in the state of Texas in the 2022 class according to 247Sports. He becomes the 15th commit in #Tribe22 which continues to hold steady at No. 3 in the country.

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