Commitment Impact: Malachi Wideman is a Nole

Charlie Ward, Kermit Whitfield, Jalen Ramsey. These are just a couple of the two-sport stars that have graced FSU over the years.

Malachi Wideman is the next in line.

The uber-athletic talent is a high flier on the basketball court and fits the mold of what Coach Hamilton has been recruiting the past five or so years. He’s great in transition and explosive going to the rim.

But he fits the mold of an FSU wide receiver as well. Tall, lanky, and explosive at the point of attack. At this point, he’s a raw playmaker just waiting to be molded by Ron Dugans once he gets on campus.

People will question if he can do both but from what I’ve seen he undoubtedly can at the college level. Now he eventually will have to concentrate on one sport for his pro prospects but that’s a bridge to be crossed down the road.

For now, he’s a great pick up for both programs and will make multiple highlight-reel plays in his time here.

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