Drew Mendoza wins ACC Player of the Week

Drew Mendoza was the number one prospect in Florida coming out of high school but was slowed down his freshman year due to injuries. Last year, Mendoza started to put it all together, but couldn’t find his power stroke, hitting only 7 HR’s after 10 HR’s his freshman year in 76 less AB’s. This year as junior captain, Mendoza has finally put it all together at the dish, and he is peaking as the regular season is coming to a close. This weekend against Pitt, Mendoza went 8-10 with 5 RBI’s and 6 runs in just 3 games. The junior also walked 3 times, while adding a sac fly to his weekend resume. The .800 batting average on the weekend gave the sweet-swinging lefty his first career ACC Player of the Week honor. It is the second time this season a Nole has taken home the honors, as Robby Martin won the award on 2/25.

Mendoza has already set career highs this season in HR’s and walks while tying his career best with a team-leading 44 RBI’s. There aren’t many players with a better bat than Mendoza in college baseball, as he has a beautiful left-handed swing and a built stature that creates a powerful swing with a slight leg quick and an aggressive torque. When Drew “Moonbombs” Mendoza gets a hold of a ball, there’s no telling how far it may go. Mendoza has the batting talent to be a first-round draft pick this year, but his defense and swing and miss liability will most likely cause him to fall to the 2nd or 3rd round. But for now, FSU’s captain will continue to be the stronghold in the Noles lineup as they push towards the postseason.

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