Florida Recap: One is the Loneliest Number

Final: UF 8 FSU 2

W Rubio (2-0)

L Voyles, E (0-1)

The number 1 seemed to be a recurring demon for the Florida State Seminoles all night long on Tuesday. They lost, again, to the number one team in the country, hit 1-19 with runners on, 1-14 with runners in scoring position, and 1-9 with two outs. Florida State was soundly beaten by a team that has, quite frankly, outplayed the Seminoles badly in three games this season. There were bright spots but there were a lot of flaws exposed with the Seminoles baseball team, flaws that will have to be shored up before they play Miami and Clemson.

Trending Upward

Jackson Lueck 2-4 HR RBI R

The question that comes to mind regarding the freshman right fielder is not “Where did he come from?” but instead “Why was Darren Miller starting for so long?” Jackson Lueck launched a home run to dead center field and has continually played stellar defense in right for the Seminoles. To perform against the Gators in front of the home crowd was a big time performance for Lueck as it looks like he has secured the right field spot for the rest of the season. Coach Mike Martin has already stated that he loves that Lueck is a switch hitter and that should play well for match-up based starts and at-bats going forward, but with the talent Lueck has and the lack of production gotten from right field this season, Lueck needs to be in the lineup everyday.

Freshman Jackson Lueck’s first career home run in the 4th inning.

Chase Haney 3.0IP 2H 2R 0ER 0BB 1K

Coach Martin brought Chase Haney into this game early on and it paid dividends. With only two left-handed batters starting for the Gators (and switch-hitter Buddy Reed, but it matters not what side he hits from he’s so talented) Haney provided a big match-up problem with Florida’s right-handed heart of the order. The 3-7 hitters are extremely talented, and will all likely be future big leaguers, but Haney had them off balance all night. Haney kept the hitters on their toes all night by mixing location with pitch selection to fool hitters; specifically Peter Alonso who was fooled badly on a slider out of the zone. Haney has already proven himself to be one of the better relievers in the Florida State bullpen but he continues to show that he might be the best reliever against right-handed pitching.

Trending Downward

Defensive Range

The defensive differences between the Seminoles and the Gators were clear throughout the entire game. When Florida would get a runner on first base they would find a way to get him over to third base thanks to a throwing error, lack of range, or just all around sloppy play on the defensive end. The script was flipped for the Gators as they would make excellent, range-y defensive plays to limit the damage or find ways to get the lead runners. I counted at least four diving plays made by the Gators to find outs where other teams wouldn’t normally get outs. Conversely, the first couple innings there were more than a handful of plays that could have been made by the Seminoles defense to get a couple of extra outs and limit the damage. Opposing teams scoring on RBI ground outs and sac flies are back breaking for a pitching staff. The infield defense specifically has been an adventure all season long and they looked really disciplined against Louisville so it is tough to see a step backward tonight. Florida State will have to iron out the kinks on the little things if they want to get back to Omaha this season.

Situational Hitting

The aforementioned ominous number seemingly doomed the Seminoles all night. However, more specifically, against top talent and in losses the main issue has been the inability to hit with runners on and runners in scoring position. Most of the the time this can be attributed to bad cluster luck with their hits. What that means is that the amount of hits a team gets in any given game could be spread out evenly or unevenly. However, if there are a lot of hits clustered in the same inning they are going to score more runs. There are still ways for Florida State to help score in these situations by taking pitches, working into hitters counts, and taking what the defense gives you. In victories Florida State has no problem hitting, but for some reason in losses they are inept at hitting. Hopefully it will even out, but it’s starting to get predictable for when the Seminoles will or won’t come through with runners on.

Sophomore Cobi Johnson exited the game with an elbow¬†injury. Coach Martin said Johnson will be getting an MRI tomorrow but he is “extremely concerned.”

Florida State heads to North Carolina to take on Wake Forest in an ACC series match this weekend.

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