Florida State at Boston College- Game Preview

Boston College (2-0) Bio Flash:

Head Coach: Steve Addazio (3rd Year, 16-12 record)

Important Players: QB Darius Wade, RB Tyler Rouse, LB Ty Schwab, QB Jeff Smith

Last Year’s Record: 7-6 (4-4 in ACC)

Quick Analysis:

Steve Addazio was Offensive Coordinator for the Florida Gators when they won the 2006 National Championship. Under his leadership, the Gators yielded two quarterbacks (Chris Leak and Tim Tebow) and did so with wild success. Leak would be under center for most of the game, but Tebow would come in for short yardage plays and goal line. In Addazio’s third year as head coach of Boston College, he can now field two quarterbacks in a similar offense to what he ran at UF. Darius Wade takes on the Chris Leak role, and Jeff Smith will do his best Tebow impression. The only difference is Smith is not big like Tebow, but possesses great speed and is a home run threat every time he touches the ball. After two cupcake games, there is still a lot to be learned about Darius Wade. He seems efficient enough to get the offense moving, but if the game is on the line, can he deliver? On the other side of the ball, Boston College’s front seven is their strength. Expect them to load the box early and blitz a lot. Golson will have to be much sharper if the ‘Noles want to win this game.

4 Things 2 Watch:

1) Everett “Turnover Machine” Golson

Coming into the season, every analyst overplayed the narrative that Everett Golson turned the ball over too much. Through two games*, he has zero turnovers. However, Golson has a huge test against a stout Boston College defense. The front seven of Boston College is pretty good, and if the offensive line struggles early again it could be a long night for the ‘Noles. Golson started the game against USF 0-6, and did not complete a pass in the first quarter. This kind of slow start from the pass game could come back to haunt FSU against tougher competition.

2) Cook’s Carries

Last week, the preview talked about how Dalvin Cook and Mario Pender could become a dynamic one-two punch. That was not the case on Saturday. Cook had thirty carries to Pender’s pedestrian seven. Cook averaged 8.9 yards per carry whereas Pender averaged 4.1. Take away Pender’s best run of the game (21 yards) and he had 6 carries for 8 yards. If Pender cannot make good on his touches, the ‘Noles could be in trouble. FSU will become too predictable if Pender becomes a non-threat. Leaning on one running back and playing field position football with a lackluster punt game simply will not work. Look for Jimbo to get creative with Pender’s run plays, or possibly engage in more read options with Golson.

3) Boston College’s Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is Boston College’s backup quarterback used in gimmick formations and plays. He has five carries through two games, and is 2/2 passing. So why the concern? Because those five carries have gone for 89 yards and three touchdowns. He has game changing speed and Steve Addazio is going to use him creatively. Make sure to pay extra attention for when Smith is behind center.

4) The Offensive Line

The Boston College front seven is pretty good, and will test the young, inexperienced Florida State line. They struggled mightily early on against USF, and has to play much better especially in pass protection. Although they did open a few holes for Cook, if they cannot successfully give Golson time in the pocket the Eagles will load up the box with eight men. As aforementioned BC does not give up a lot of yards per rush. Its going to be really interesting to see what kind of game Jimbo calls on offense.

Twitter Questions:

From Scruffy The Cat (@mike11whitney):  “-Anything Jimbo has held back so far, that we might see against BC? Or is that for tougher competition later in the season?”

A- There is a very high chance that if the run game is struggling, Jimbo will call some read option plays. The beauty of the read option is it gives the offensive line one less man to block, and can spring big runs when ran right. As far as the tougher competition question goes, Boston College is one of the tougher foes the ‘Noles will play this year. This is an important game as far as winning the ACC Atlantic division goes, so Jimbo will use the extent of his playbook. Also interesting to note, the ‘Noles practiced a trick play this week with media present. Curious to see if Fisher uses that Friday night.

From Ellis Coffee (@elliscoffee_: “how worried should we be about the o line and BC’s defense giving us fits?

A- This is a huge match up going into Friday’s game. Boston College has depth up front, and a lot of experience at the linebacker position. They’re much quicker in their steps and reads then in years past. Look for Eagles linebackers Ty Schwab and Matt Milano to rack up some tackles and create pressure from creative pass rushes. Boston College is well coached defensively thanks to Defensive Coordinator Don Brown, and there will be moments where they get the better of the ‘Noles offensive line.


Friday night will be Red Bandanna night at Boston College. The night honors former Boston College Alum Welles Crowther, who was a hero on 9/11. If you don’t know his story, please watch ESPN’s special on him. Emotions aside, Boston College will come out punching. If the Eagles gain an early  lead like those the ‘Noles gave up last year, Boston College will win the game. However if FSU gets out to a good start, they’ll be able to pull away as the game wears on. The prediction is 30-24 FSU. Both teams will get off to slow starts offensively, but FSU is too healthy and talented to lose to this BC team. Expect Cook to make plenty of good runs, but Golson to be the key difference in this ball game.

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