For Mike Norvell, The Climb is Just Getting Started

The ‘Noles are about six days removed from knocking off the then number five ranked team in the country, the North Carolina Tarheels. Had you told FSU fans this two weeks ago, they would’ve laughed in your face. Yet here we are, a big win and potential program changer for this new staff.

This begs the question, what now?

Well, for starters, you have a difficult road game staring you in the face. A formidable Louisville team that just had its best showing of the season in a close loss against Notre Dame. You can’t afford to look back when a team that is more than capable of beating you is on deck. The players and coaching staff both spoke about not being complacent and being “pissed off” when they watched last week’s game film.

This staff finally got the notch in their belt they were looking for. After the weirdest offseason, possibly ever, and a less than stellar start. But the job is not complete, not even close. If you want to continue to keep the fan base abuzz and recruits talking then you can’t afford to a letdown loss in this week’s game.

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Louisville is a divisional opponent in a normal year and over the last 4-5 seasons, have been the team that FSU goes neck and neck with on and off the field. At some point, the ‘Noles have to move past the Cardinals if they ever want to get back atop the ACC mountain. This is an opportunity to not only take three wins in a row but would be a victory under a first year head coach. Norvell and company have to put the stamp on the Cardinals. This is a game where Florida State will be loaded with former Louisville players and former commitments too.

This is not a “must-win” because in a season that’s a wash, those don’t really exist. This is a “need to” win. Norvell needs this win the same way he needed last week’s win. You have to continue to prove to everyone around you the program is going forward and not backwards. The program needs this win against a team that’s been a thorn in their side on and off the field. It’s time to move past moral victories and start expecting actual victories while continuing to build the foundation of your football program.

Mike Norvell’s favorite saying talks about the “The Climb” and that fits really well with a famous pop song by the same title. “There’s always gonna be another mountain” in this case Louisville is the mountain and the ‘Noles have to #KeepCLIMBing.

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