FSU Athletics recreates Jessie Warren’s epic catch

Florida State Softball won their first-ever national championship after defeating Washington 8-3 in game two on Tuesday. On Monday, standout 3B Jessie Warren made an absolutely exhilarating catch to all but end game one. The Huskies bunted and Warren came diving through the air from a few feet inside third-base to catch the ball with the tip of her glove. She then had the presence of mind to sit up and toss the ball to first-base for the double-play. It’s a moment that will go down in Florida State lore.

If you’ve been inside a basement since Monday, here’s the play.

Multiple FSU Athletics teams attempted to recreate Warren’s epic catch. Check out some of their attempts below. It’s always nice to see the Seminole family supporting one another. The videos are courtesy of @Singleshot25.

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